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Our ethos is to provide top quality team building with a purpose. We strive to give our clients the best possible experience. Working with you to achieve your objectives, having in built flexibility, as all our products are designed in house.
In these more difficult times supporting staff and making the most of any opportunity that may come your way is vital to the well being of corporate organisations.
Motivating your team may be the difference between success or failure.
The saying 'No man is an Island' could easily be applied to companies. Communication is King.
It is understandable that all areas of commerce are 'trimming their sails', however Investment in your team is money well spent.
Where teams are merged or new working groups formed, the need to get all Individuals working together in a coherent manner is of prime Importance. The faster this happens, the faster good quality productivity is achieved. Fostering a 'we're all in it together' mind set could work wonders.

Our aim:
All of our events are facilitated allowing your staff to have fun whilst subtly gaining the benefits of a Team building away days experience.
If you have an idea for your away day no matter how wacky or off the wall it may seem give us a call and see if we can bring it to fruition.
Let us arrange one of our away days and your team will be talking about it for months.
We have a large range of activities for Indoor, outdoor, and evening events around the southern UK, including Corporate Murder Mystery, team games, mini Olympics, Arts challenges, teambuilding challenges and stress busting techniques.
Over 30 different teambuilding events.
Call us with your requirements. 01489 505220 for your Team building
Avant-Garde provide team building throughout the UK and particularly teambuilding in the Southern UK.

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