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Blackeyed Theatre Company was established in 2004 to create exciting opportunities for artists and audiences alike. Our theatre is challenging yet accessible for both new and established audiences. It asks questions and invites reaction. It provokes only as live performance can.

We believe theatre is at its best when an audience is taken out of its comfort zone. That doesn’t mean being shocking for the sake of being shocking. It’s about making theatre memorable and thought-provoking without sacrificing enjoyment. It’s about telling a story in a way that absorbs and moves its audience at every turn. It’s about asking questions, not answering them

Since 2004 Blackeyed Theatre has embarked on national tours of The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (Brecht), the world premiere of Oedipus (Steven Berkoff) and Oh What A Lovely War (Joan Littlewood), as well as regional tours of Effie’s Burning, The Caretaker, Misery and Art. Our most recent production, Oh What A Lovely War, had 64 performances at 32 different venues from Portsmouth to Durham and was seen by over 13500 people.

Blackeyed Theatre has a growing national reputation for creating dynamic theatre using live music and great performances to tell stories with honesty and passion.

In 2009, Blackeyed Theatre became an associate company of South Hill Park Arts Centre.

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Black Eyed Theatre