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This has been our biggest Monologue Competition yet! We have received some incredible entries this year and we would like to congratulate all those nominated, who have been selected from over 1,700 submissions. Our international judging panel of six acclaimed casting directors have now decided which Graduate, Emerging and Established actors have won Mandy’s Monologue Competition 2020! Please also check out our Actors Choice winner, voted for by our talented community. Read the judges feedback and join us in congratulating the winners. We would like to thank everyone for taking part and for supporting a worldwide community of Actors!

Macadie Amoroso - WINNER

"I thought this was a really truthful and honest performance. The lines were fluid, and the delivery of the lines was very natural. It was perfect for a screen performance." - Heather Basten
"Very natural delivery, good use of varying her eyeline, good choice of the piece, which showed a nice gentle move from comic to slightly more serious." - Carolyn McLeod
"Beautiful on camera presence. I love your sense of earnest. Above all, a lovely job." - Robin Carus

"Very natural, professional tape." - Sophie Holland

"You are very watchable. You have an open and vulnerable face." - Lewis Baumander

Jonathan Oldfield

"I love your initial instincts and that sort of careful pacing. The monologue was interesting and I have a feeling you have a nice wit to you that we don't get to see as much of." - Robin Carus
"Interesting choice of piece, with a nice twist and change of mood, which was well executed and delivered." - Carolyn McLeod

"Authentic, great stillness." - Sophie Holland

There was a tendency to stare to hard in the direction of the camera. People don't just stare at the one we are speaking to. We look down and up when we are considering what we are going to say next. It came across too much like a speech. He may have been rehearsing this speech to say to is dad for years, but in the moment their needs to be some pleasure at hurting him like this. This speech is also born of a lot of pain from his own life. I would have liked to see more of that in your eyes." - Lewis Baumander

Sam Crerar

"Sam, you are fun to watch and I wish I could see what you would do physically, in person. That last line...what do you want the audience to feel? That was not clear. BUT, everything leading up to it (the wanting the night out, meeting up with someone you never thought you could meet up with etc.) was SO SO spot on. Your relationship with the camera was spot on fantastic. I would probably say if you were in person auditioning for me and I got to play a little bit and ask you "what do you do when do you get sad, get disgusted, etc" just to tweak you a bit, but very nice. " - Robin Carus

"You were clearly prepared as an actor to tackle that speech. The work was good. What I did not see was the human being with a need to share and communicate something deep from within. Our character struggles at times to know what to say or how to express it. I could see that you new your lines so well I could see them coming in advance. You have great look and presence. Let yourself come through."  - Lewis Baumander

"Sam showed a nice progression of emotion as the piece unfolded." - Carolyn McLeod

"Fresh, great energy." - Sophie Holland

Sunny Patel - WINNER!

"You have a beautiful tone to your voice and I love your sense of physicality, and holy mackerel, was there a sense of eerie/creepiness." - Robin Carus

"Grounded voice, great creativity used when filming." - Sophie Holland

"I liked your intensity and ability to change pace throughout the delivery."  - Carolyn McLeod

"Very bold choice to take it outside. I liked that. However, I had difficulty seeing deep in to your eyes. He even references eyes at one point. I also could see the actor enjoying his work. This helps to a point. If we can not see the purpose for the character to say what he is saying then it is all for nought. What is compelling this man to say what he is saying? What is driving him?" - Lewis Baumander

Katie-Louise Buxton

"From the first moment you had me hooked on an undefinable ennui. Your breath control was impressive. When we get to the end we learn that this was a plan to get rid of the customer." - Lewis Baumander

"The monologue is witty. And I totally got the "what-do-you-want-from-me-just-leave-me-alone" feel. However, I would watch having too much of a monotone with this monologue. I think you can still get the same desired effect - comedically/theatrically without all of the "one note." - Robin Carus

"You played deadpan so well. It was very entertaining. You had a range of dynamics which kept it interesting." - Heather Basten

"It takes real skill to be that funny and that deadpan." - Sophie Holland

Really liked your dead pan delivery of a very funny piece and the way you shifted gears once the ‘annoying customers’ had departed." - Carolyn McLeod

Gemma Acosta

"You had a beautiful, laser focus with whomever you were telling your "why am I a killer" story to. I perhaps would have revelled in some of the things she found enjoyable - like almost eking out tears (I happened to love that moment though). I also would have given that person whom you were talking to a little more of a wink at the end before the camera ended to add to her sense of ego." - Robin Carus
"You have lovely deep emotional access. You fooled me off the top so points for that. I would have enjoyed the listeners discomfort more throughout, as she does bring it up at the end of the scene." - Lewis Baumander

"I liked her bold choice of piece and the subtle changes she made moving through the character’s emotional beats." - Carolyn McLeod

Chilling, committed read." - Sophie Holland

Parisa Nikkhah-eshghi - WINNER!

"I truly believed that the content of the scene was deep and personal for you. You also had the craft and skill to pull it off with dignity not indulgence. Your emotions seemed to flow effortlessly out of the words you were saying. I believed your desire to share was genuine. Thank you for that." - Lewis Baumander

"This was a wonderful, truthful performance. It was heartbreaking, in fact." - Heather Basten

"You are a beautiful, moving actor. It was simple, it was clean. I maybe would have wanted one or two more end moments with you to "button up" your monologue, but overall beautiful work." - Robin Carus

Really truthful and not overplayed. Devastating in the best way. Brave." - Sophie Holland

Very emotive piece that holds the attention." - Carolyn McLeod

Aaron Phinehas Peters

"What a wonderful character! Great stakes! Fun choices. Love your sense of timing. I think you made life a little difficult for yourself by ways of editing; you do not need all the bells and whistles of sitting then jumping to the couch then to the floor and back to your desk sitting. It could all be told from the same place with the desired ending. Also, I would keep the background neutral. Overall, you made me smile though and that is what counts." - Robin Carus

"SO much effort in this tape. So fresh and engaging." - Sophie Holland

"Strong characterization, funny, and very engaging delivery." - Carolyn McLeod

"Loved the energy and the ambition with the edits. Good work!  Speed/pace is good. However, you need precision as well. I did not get the clear shift in thoughts or even the new thoughts as they occurred to him. The energy although watchable was not motivated by any real internal process. A prime example was the decision to write it all down at the end." - Lewis Baumander

Ioachim Ciobanu

"Great connected voice. Lovely to hear something classical made accessible by understanding of the text and character." - Sophie Holland

"Your tone and cadence while delivering this monologue is beautiful. I wish I could have seen a tiny bit more of your body. You are playing a warrior so to see just the head did not quite do this monologue justice. What do you want your audience walking away from this monologue feeling? I was left with that question. I want to see more of your strength. You need to raise your stakes physically AND even facially since this is on video." - Robin Carus

"Very ambitious! You spoke the verse clearly. I also enjoyed and appreciated how you adapted the speech for the medium you were presenting it on." - Lewis Baumander

"Very brave to choose such a well known piece, solid delivery with subtle expression." - Carolyn McLeod

Mazen B. Srari - WINNER

We're thrilled to congratulate Mazen B. Srari as the winner Mandy Monologue Actors Choice Award for 2020! Mazen's monologue has been voted the best of all submissions by fellow actors and peers out of a massive 1,700 entries! 


Heather Basten Heather Basten (UK)
Lewis Baumandel Lewis Baumander (Canada)
Robin Carus Robin Carus (USA)
Sophie Holland Sophie Holland (UK)
Carolyn McLeod Carolyn McLeod (UK)
Jeremy Zimmermann Jeremy Zimmermann (UK)

Heather Basten began in the industry at the BFI and has since cast for notable directors, including Rob Savage, Ana Rocha De Sousa and Charlotte Regan. Past productions and works include Fox TV, Sky Arts, DMC Films, Netflix’s TEOTFW and The Lighthouse, as well as having films screened at Sundance and the BFI London Film Festival. Current films due for release in 2020 include The Complex starring Kate Dickie and Michelle Mylett, and Listen starring Lucia Moniz.

Over the past 46 years, Lewis Baumander has directed over 100 plays across Canada in theatres, such as the Manitoba Theatre Centre (including Hamlet with Keanu Reeves). He has conducted workshops for many ACTRA conferences and has also directed TV and Feature Films. He is often called on to be an on-set Acting Coach (Scary Stories, Titans) and has directed, taught and/or coached actors such as Nina Dobrev and Ellen Wong. Lewis founded the LB Acting Studio in Toronto where he teaches year-round.

Robin Carus has been casting for 17 years and was previously Head of Casting for Theatreworks USA. While there, she auditioned thousands of actors and cast over 200 national tours and countless off-Broadway shows. Since then, she has cast for major theatre festivals, including the Marathon Festival at EST and the Emmy winning Family Life Theatre. In addition, Robin was the Founding Producing Director for BIMA-NY, a groundbreaking Jewish theatre company that cultivated Jewish playwrights and themes.


One of the UK’s leading casting directors, Jeremy Zimmermann has worked on international productions for the past twenty years with notable directors, such as Peter Yates, Ron Howard, Guillermo del Toro and Richard Attenborough. He was also nominated for an Emmy in 1995 for an ‘Outstanding Individual Achievement Award’. To date Jeremy has worked on features such as Moon, Hellboy, Willow, Keeping Mum, Africa United and Night Train to Lisbon.

Carolyn McLeod

Carolyn McLeod has worked in casting for over 15 years and is a member of the Casting Society of America. She has worked with directors including Stephen Herek, Paul Schrader and Sofia Coppola. Carolyn has worked on TV and film projects for Netflix, BBC, ITV, Hallmark and Disney, with some of her projects including: The Ballad of Billy McCrae, Sweetheart, A Royal Christmas, Netflix's A Christmas Prince series and Boiling Point.

Sophie Holland is a UK-based Casting Director, specialising in Film and TV. Her TV casting highlights include Netflix’s THE WITCHER, boasting Henry Cavill as its lead actor, YOUNG WALLANDER due out in 2020, MADIBA (Laurence Fishburne) directed by Kevin Hooks, THE INDIAN DETECTIVE and CBBC’s fourth season of the BAFTA award winning DIXI. For film, Sophie has cast for CHERRY, A24’s THE KILL TEAM with Alexander Skarsgard and Lionsgate’s DOWN A DARK HALL (Uma Thurman) directed by Rodrigo Cortés.

Submitting your monologue

Submitting your monologue couldn’t be easier and our Monologue Competition is open to all actors across the world. You'll find the submission process at the bottom of this page and we've broken it down into three simple steps: 

  1. Record your monologue and save the final file on your device or computer 
  2. Select the category you are entering (Graduates, Emerging or Established)
  3. Click 'Pick File', upload your final monologue video - ensuring it’s under 200mb in size - and hit apply!

The Prizes

We have brought together some of the best providers in the industry to create a prize package that will enhance your career, including headshots, showreels, event passes and more, worth over $7,000! Our Monologue Competition is open to actors across the world, with last year's Established Actor winner, Carolyn Meyer, hailing from the USA.*

Established Actor Winner (Over five years of industry experience):
The Mandy Network - Actors Annual Premium Membership
Claire Grogan Photography - Standard Full Studio Shoot
Slick Showreels - One scene standard showreel
The Showreel Ltd - Your choice of one of their premium voice reel packages
The Actors Guild - Annual Membership
Raindance Film Festival - voucher redeemable on Raindance courses (London)
Raindance Film Festival - One ticket to the Independent Filmmakers' Ball (29th April)
Vocalzone - Gift pack

Emerging Actor Winner (Up to five years of industry experience):
The Mandy Network - Actors Annual Premium Membership
MAD Photography - Professional Headshot shoot
Daniel Johnson Films - Full showreel service
Voiceover Kickstart Ltd - Radio Drama and Narration Voicereel
Gary Terzza - Voice Over masterclass
The Actors Guild - Annual Membership
Raindance Film Festival - voucher redeemable on Raindance courses (London)
Raindance Film Festival - One ticket to the Independent Filmmakers' Ball (29th April)
Vocalzone - Gift pack

Graduate Actor Winner (Less than two years in the industry, including students):
The Mandy Network - Actors Annual Premium Membership
Isaac Peral Photography - Standard headshot package
Actors Studio - One week’s screen course plus showreel
Uptown Studios - One voice reel
Gary Terzza - Voice over masterclass
The Actors Guild - Annual Membership
Raindance Film Festival - voucher redeemable on Raindance courses (London)
Raindance Film Festival - One ticket to Raindance Film Festival 2020 (28th October - 7th November)
Vocalzone - Gift pack

Actors Choice Award (voted for by our community):
The Mandy Network - Actors Annual Premium Membership
Alastair Batchelor Photography - Professional Headshot shoot
Ultimate Showreels - Modern Day Package Deal 3 scenes showreel and professional edit
Old Street Studios - One voice reel
The Actors Guild - Annual Membership
Raindance Film Festival - voucher redeemable on Raindance courses (London)
Raindance Film Festival - One ticket to Raindance Film Festival 2020 (28th October - 7th November)
Vocalzone - Gift pack

*Any winners outside of the UK will receive a $400 cash prize, to be used for any purpose they desire.