We've received some very impressive Monologue entries this year and we would like to congratulate our monologue competition nominees who were selected from over 1,317 submissions. Our judging panel of 7 top industry experts have now decided which Graduate, Emerging and Established actors have won the Mandy Monologue 2019! Read the judges feedback and join us in congratulating the winners. Thank you for taking part and supporting a worldwide community of Actors!

Zheng Xi Yong - WINNER

‘Zheng’s incredibly naturalistic performance and documentary style of filming utterly convinced me. The performance was subtle and very believable. The camera angle and the direction in which he spoke gave it a real documentary interview feel that made his performance incredibly real.’ Noel Goodwin.
‘Good monologue, tough one to perform, but handled well.’ Jason Maza.
‘A luminous performance. Zheng quietly and brilliantly draws us into a world of social isolation that attends his character’s brilliant mind. His choice of almost whispering his dialogue provides a magnet to our attention - a great technique that requires such confidence and an authentic understanding of the ‘outsider’ world the character inhabits. Beautifully judged, technically assured, and always keeping the inner spontaneity and struggle of a character searching to describe his thoughts. The final emotion Zheng conveys to us is quite awesome - and very moving. Zheng is a rare talent.’ Diana Patrick.

Marc Zayat

‘Natural, very unique sure he will work loads.’ Jason Maza.
‘Marc’s performance was very engaging and fun. Good choice of monologue. Naturalistic performance which overcame some of the technical challenges (sound recording, wasn’t sure where he was looking/who he was talking too). A very enjoyable performance.' Noel Goodwin.

Laura Noble

‘Laura gives us a wonderfully assured performance - full of light and shade and thoroughly entertaining. Technically excellent too. I really enjoyed her character’s journey.’ Diana Patrick.
‘She stood out for me, funny, engaging and very natural.' Jason Maza.
'Laura’s monologue was the most technically proficient in terms of filming – good sound, lighting and backdrop. Speaking into the camera really brought out the awkwardness of the situation her character was in. Perhaps a little less naturalistic than the other two shortlistees, but an engaging and well-acted performance nevertheless.' Noel Goodwin.

Naomi Stafford - WINNER!

‘Great job, tough monologue, performed really well.’ Jason Maza.
‘A deeply moving and beautifully judged performance. Naomi played against the raw emotion of this piece so brilliantly until the very end - which is what made the final moments so moving. Such an intelligent decision. She conveyed the pain and quiet desperation of her character in such a spontaneous way - resisting the trap of anticipating what her character would say next. She evoked a desperate tragic humour too - which was so truthfully conveyed - and against all the odds made us laugh!’ Diana Patrick.
‘Naomi’s uncompromising performance was pretty spellbinding, laying out the tracks for an emotional journey for both the character and the viewer, and switching up her performance by subtle layers throughout the monologue. It was a good choice to look directly at the camera as it thoroughly engages the viewer, holding us close to the character’s own emotional journey.’ Noel Goodwin.

Louise Young

‘Really good, strong monologue, funny engaging.’ Jason Maza.
‘What a brilliant, energetic and thoroughly entertaining performance. I loved this piece! Louise brought - and sustained - such an entertaining energy to this monologue. She was technically flawless - which is no mean feat! Louise made me smile, laugh to myself, and then laugh out loud - especially at her final walk off at the end. Such fun and so beautifully accomplished.' Diana Patrick.
‘I loved that Louise turned her monologue into a short film. Her performance is funny and engaging, and quite mad! An extremely well thought out and performed monologue for film. Nice to be able to see physical movement within a monologue rather than having to focus just on the verbal/facial performance.’ Noel Goodwin.

Matthew Churcher

‘Brilliant, absolute stand out, innovative and love the monologue.’ Jason Maza.
‘Such an assured and confident performance. Matthew gave space to every new thought, allowing the emotion of those thoughts to resonate with us at every level. A very skilled and beautifully judged performance.’ Diana Patrick.
‘Matthew’s performance is naturalistically and cleverly expressed through both sign language and verbal communication. Engaging and original.’ Noel Goodwin.

Carolyn Meyer - WINNER!

‘Great read, very natural.’ Jason Maza.
‘This is a difficult piece - the conflict being that a monologue usually conjures up a moment in a character’s life where they impart their thoughts privately to the audience. The writing for this was the opposite, in that it had placed the character in a public arena - on a stage or at a large gathering of AA members. With that intimacy taken away, I felt I was at a distance from the performance, rather than drawn into it. But having said that, it was an excellent performance - and thoroughly moving. Technically beautifully judged. ’ Diana Patrick.
‘For me its all about Stillness and the less acting done with the face the better , It was an emotional and controlled performance.’ Sean Gascoine.
'This was a very mature performance. Utterly convincing and delivered with real depth of feeling. An incredibly emotional piece delivered to camera by a great actor. It felt like a real-life confessional video tape.' Noel Goodwin.

John Kamau

'Strong monologue, powerful.' Jason Maza
‘The spontaneity and energy John brings to this monologue is quite awesome. He is technically flawless - seamlessly combining the voices of the child Soldier and his oppressor with such confidence, whilst all the while keeping each character’s individual voice clearly imprinted in our minds. No mean feat! A really strong, moving and thought provoking monologue.’ Diana Patrick.
‘A wide ranging, versatile performance. The way the monologue is filmed lends itself to well to an audition for experimental theatre. A well-acted, challenging, emotionally engaging piece.’ Noel Goodwin.

Katie Krane

‘Great read, very natural.' Jason Maza.
‘A serious talent. Katie drew me into her world so quietly and so brilliantly. This is an absolutely magnetic performance - authentic and intelligent - moving and utterly heartbreaking. The atmosphere she conjured up was quite electric, managing to take us, the audience, into her soul without ever asking for our pity or judgment. A really brilliant piece of work. ’ Diana Patrick.
'A very naturalistic performance. Tonally subtle. Convincing delivery – I did feel like I was in a meeting with her and other people.' Noel Goodwin.

Eleanor Hill - WINNER

We're thrilled to congratulate Eleanor Hill, winner of the Mandy Monologue Actors Choice Award for 2019. Eleanor has been voted best monologue by fellow actors and peers out of a massive 1,317 monologue entries! 


Dan Hubbard Dan Hubbard
Noel Goodwin Noel Goodwin
Noel Clarke Noel Clarke
Jason Maza Jason Maza
Di Patrick Diana Patrick
Jacob Sparrow Jacob Sparrow
Sean Gascoine Sean Gascoine

Daniel Hubbard is one of the busiest Casting Directors in London with over 20 years of  experience in the industry. He is most known for his work on big studio films such as  King Kong (2005), Lara Croft: Tomb Raider  (2001) and Harry Brown (2009). Dan was also part of the successful British TV Series ‘Downton Abbey’ as well as being a Nominee for Outstanding Achievement in Casting for Captain Phillip  (2013).

Noel Goodwin is BFI’s (British Film institute) Director of the Future Film Festival and Education Strategy Manager. His industry portfolio has seen him write, direct and co-produce a variety of short productions including: A Ninja is for Life, Not just for Christmas (2006), and A Dog Called Moose (2017) which was awarded Salento Finibus Terrae in 2018.

Noel Clarke is an award-winning actor, screenwriter and director. He is known for his roles on Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (2002-2004) and Doctor Who (2005-2010). Clarke appeared in and wrote the screenplay for Kidulthood (2006) and wrote, directed, and starred in the sequels, Adulthood (2008) and Brotherhood (2016). Together with Jason Maza, he created Unstoppable - a production company focused on developing new talent and pushing the boundaries of independent filmmaking.

Jason Maza is an actor and producer, known for Welcome to the Punch (2013), Rise of the Footsoldier(2007) and Fish Tank (2009). Together with Noel Clarke, he co-founded Unstoppable, a production company a company that prides itself on giving a platform to new talent, continuing to push the boundaries of independent film and more importantly, advance those movies into an international market.

Diana Patrick is a director for super-famous, long-running TV shows such as Doctors (2010-2014), Coronation Street (2002-2018), Emmerdale (1998-2018), Casualty (1993-2008) and The Bill (1994-2008). She started her career as an actress in theatre and television until she took the leap into directing by applying for an National Film School course.

Sean Gascoine first entered the industry as a young actor building 20 credits with appearances on  Coronation Street  (1994), Uncovered (1994) and Lovejoy (1994). He was also the executive producer of Dummy in 2008. Since then Sean has gone on to be a successful industry agent representing a large portfolio of writers, actors, comedians and producers. including Jack Whitehall.

Jacob Sparrow is a Casting Director with experience in both the UK and America. He joined the National Theatre in 2015, and prior to that worked with Pippa Ailon Casting, David Grindrod Associates and Telsey and Company in New York. 


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Submitting your Monologue

You'll find the submission process at the bottom of this page and submitting your monologue couldn't be easier. We've broken it down into 3 simple steps: 

  1. Record your monologue and save the final file on your device or computer 
  2. Select the category you are entering (Graduates, Emerging, or Established)
  3. Click 'Pick File' and Upload your final monologue video, ensuring its under 200mb in size - and hit apply

Read before submitting

  1. Keep it short! Your monologue should be no more than 2 minutes long.
  2. Low budget - get a friend with a steady hand to capture your monologue on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  3. Profanity is okay if it’s in the script. No nudity please.
  4. Competition open to all Mandy Actors members. Only 1 entry per member permitted.
  5. Deadline for entries is: 26th March 2019.

Annie Rowe's Advice for Entrants

    1. Choose a piece that goes somewhere emotionally so it showcases your range.
    2. Avoid monologues that are essentially big lists, they don’t offer enough ‘meat’ or variation.
    3. Play to your strengths. If you’ve got naturally sharp comic timing, choose a great comic speech. If you’re confident to dig deep, choose a dramatic piece.
    4. The best monologues are like exquisite short stories; they have a beginning, middle and end.
    5. Try not to pick a long piece and then rush it. Relax. Short, sweet, leave us wanting more.
    6. Find a character that is your own age.

Check out last years winners by clicking below - you can read the comments given by the judges and if you click on the winners name you will be taken to their profile page where you can view their winning monologue. 


Florence Howard

‘Really natural, engaging and believable performer.’ Nicky Bligh.
‘I think Florence has cast herself perfectly in this role. Beautifully subtle and totally engaging. The natural delivery, the feeling of spontaneity, the level of discomfort and degree of reluctance at what she is saying, were perfectly pitched, all coming together to make the piece very funny and engaging.' Carl Proctor.

Evangeline Beaven

‘Really warm, engaging and connected performance. I believed every word of what she was saying. She drew me in, in such a short amount of time.’ Nicky Bligh.
‘Lovely and engaging character that Evangeline brought to herself perfectly, resulting in a very natural, spontaneous and engaging performance. A very good choice of monologue for her.’ Carl Proctor.

Sid Phoenix

‘A truly powerful performance. Very real, raw emotion and vulnerability, whilst at the same time there was a strength about him. Captivating. Good pace and timing, and very well shot (good natural light).’ Belinda Norcliffe Casting.
‘A very immediate and powerful monologue. I believed every word of it, and I really liked his stillness within such an emotional monologue.’ Nicky Bligh.

Marie Fortune

We're thrilled to congratulate Marie Fortune, winner of the Mandy Monologue Actors Choice Award for 2017. Marie has been voted best monologue by fellow actors and peers out of a massive 795 monologue entries!