Mandy’s North America Monologue Competition 2021 was the ultimate chance for actors to showcase their acting talents to our community of over 2.4million users and a panel of expert judges! We would like to congratulate all the winners and those nominated in our competition.

Our judging panel of acclaimed casting directors and actors have now decided which Graduate, Emerging and Established actors have won Mandy’s Monologue Competition 2021, and our community has voted for the winner in our Actors Choice Award. We would like to thank every member for taking the time to enter and for supporting a worldwide community of actors!

Watch the Winners & Finalists Watch the Members Choice Winner & Finalists

Thérèse Azzara - WINNER

"Good range of emotions and character development, it felt natural and many fun ways you can play this more with even no remorse, but interesting what you did with this character, fun to see you do a 'Gone Girl' type of character." - Renee Garcia
"You are very watchable, and you are able to pull the viewer right into the camera with you. Take a brief moment before, contemplate the question that was just asked of you.  Breath in between the beats and allow your words to land with a thud. “At the end of the day, I have a perfectly healthy brain” gave us such a great glimpse into you and the underpinning of your masking, it gave me chills. It left me asking questions, who is this girl, what kind of havoc is this girl about to unleash. Well done! " - Steven Mann
"Compelling stories need both character and action. This is a really, beautifully done character study, good camera work, the thoughts are natural and clear. In terms of technique, it’s pristine." - Bliss Griffin

"Very natural and yet disturbing. You could potentially push more, but I felt your frustration underneath the whole time." - Judy Kain

Chriz Ortiz

"Good facial expressions and range of emotions and showing what you are capable of." - Renee Garcia
"What a great choice! The story was so clear on this monologue. Your pride talking about your first job was so endearing. Don’t be afraid to take more time with the beats, it will give the action of no response to come across more profound. This will allow the big emotions to feel more natural. Beautiful work, I want to see more!" - Steven Mann

"This was a nuanced and complicated win. You won the scene without resolving the questions and heartache. That’s beautiful and really sticks with the audience. Bold choice to work in Spanish and to normalize an often-marginalized identity in the American theatre, especially not knowing your adjudicators well. Kudos." - Bliss Griffin

ompelling, connected, really wanted something from his father... even though I think his father was dead." - Judy Kain

Simone Matheson

"I like the inner conflict you were able to show the character and the twist at the end at able to feel it." - Renee Garcia

"This monologue has the power to reach through the camera and pull you in.  Your connection to the words themselves was strong and the high stakes were heard in your voice. That being said, you throw your power away when you look away from the camera. It is a choice to avert your eyes, and pain is hard to embrace so I applaud the effort.  I would just like to see it forward so I can see more of you. Suck all the air out of the room as you lay your heart out.  The moment you said “open these windows” really opened us up to you and you sat into it, you could see the love you had for her."  - Steven Mann

"Good balance of find the strategy and pushing for your goal. Good use of the 3-dimensional space. (Finding the paint names in your memory, placing the cats and chairs). Even though we don’t know what the physical location is, you give a strong sense of your relationship to it and it informs the work you’re doing with the listener." - Bliss Griffin 

"The monologue was so poetic, however I didn't know what she wanted from her roommate" - Judy Kain

David Juarez - WINNER!

"I liked the natural every day subtle way you played your character, but still unexpected what you would say next and your timing and pace was methodical, which made your performance interesting." - Renee Garcia

"You are so calm and soft and that could be a great choice, but you carry the same energy through the whole monologue. This makes the stakes a little muddy. What do you have to gain, what do you have to lose? If you could rewrite the end of the scene what would your character want from this moment? You are very watchable, and have a comforting TV Dad vibe, so I want to see where you can go with this. For example, your first line is “look at me” and you are not looking at them. Give yourself that moment before, to establish the relationship between the characters, so when you ask them to look at you, we are right there with you. Great choice in text, when we see you, we really do see you. Keep up the great work!" - Steven Mann

"Gorgeous use of the silence (“dealing with a lot” and transition to “not what we planned”). They were very full of thoughts and watch you choose not to share them was compelling."  - Bliss Griffin

"Very, very good. I knew what he wanted and what was in his way. Did not push as far as he could, but truly connected to his mate. Had so many great levels." - Judy Kain

Dorian Grey

"Great range of emotion, when you let go it was great to see that emotional range you can on and take the audience and your eyes really sold the emotions so that is a true talent to show." - Renee Garcia

"Whoa, right out of the gate with both barrels blazing. You pull us in so quickly and so deeply, the stakes of this monologue are high!  What strong story, with deep emotion and passion. I would like to see you take a little more time with it, even at the top of the monologue if you could find a bit more stillness in your body you could push the depth of the need even deeper, making the ask at the end even more touching. It was very watchable, and over all a fantastic take." - Steven Mann

"Strong energy and commitment. And the big shift in your emotional state after the beat was compelling." - Bliss Griffin

"started out at such a high pitch he had no where to go. There was a lot of passion and hopefully he can channel this into the truth in each moment of the scene" - Judy Kain

Raquelle Wallace

"Loved the range and the emotional rollercoaster you took me and you as well and made to fit current." - Renee Garcia
"A beautiful touching monologue. Your connection to the piece was very clear.  It is bold to take prose and find the emotion in the lines. A little technicality, I would be careful with looking away from the camera. You are delivering an electric speech, you want to deliver it to the core of the listener so they feel your struggle, your grief, your love. It was still very watchable, and you are magnetic." - Steven Mann

"Bold choice to work in verse. The way you let the physical experience of laughter, tears, breath intersect with the aural experience of the poetry to inform the sentiment so deeply. That aspect was fascinating." - Bliss Griffin

I liked the moments where she was clear on what she was saying, but it could be strengthened by feeling more 'in the moment'. Keep working on making everything personal." - Judy Kain

Kat Murphy - WINNER!

"Liked the vulnerability, I would like to see more natural body movements, I felt like the character was in a box more than she can express herself, but emotions were there." - Renee Garcia

"What a beautiful, compelling moment. Your rise and fall between the emotional switches as you experience grief, pain, and put your foot down were strong. I would like to see you talk directly to him more, when you tell him what you needed, so we can see more of that pain you are feeling. Take a beat before you say “That’s it”, form that opinion and let it resonate in your core. Overall beautiful work." - Steven Mann

"Really solid in every way. Smart choice of material. You let the silence work for you. Good use of the eyes on transition from hiding behind “I don’t know” to real talk. Drove strong arc through the needs. Good use of humor to survive the tragedy and then letting the truth sink in. Really great balance of winning the monologue even though you’re desperately disappointed with the outcome. If I wanted to point out an opportunity for improvement, I literally couldn’t find it." - Bliss

errific and pure. Truthful and connected. Love her." - Judy Kain

Leighton Williams

"I liked his natural energy and emerged character to what he is feeling and taking audience to feel with his performance." - Renee Garcia

"What a great piece. The real, raw, and strong. Beautiful work. Speak your truth more to camera, so we don’t lose you as you look down or away, this will suck us in on this journey even more. The play on “may they rot in hell” found some lightness in the heavy reality of this whole piece. I want to hear what more you have to say! So well done." - Steven Mann

"Beautiful moment before, I could hear Shaun’s dumb comment, and the subtext of “dead white grandparents” really shines. Your heated intellectual argument rallies perfectly until the explosion. Strong appeal on “I’m human,” followed by a gorgeous vulnerable recovery. Strong close." - Bliss Griffin
"Not bad, a few strong moments. Needs more real connection for me throughout." - Judy Kain

Todd Royal

"You have a good look and good choice and would like to see more body movements and see you use part of your character." - Renee Garcia

"I really like how still you are, but you are not connecting with your silent scene partner. You are speaking at him, not to him. You open the scene by saying you are nervous, but that doesn’t play. You talk about the inability to find calm, but you say it so calmly. Take your time with it, understand the gravity of the words you are saying, as you are asking for help. This is a big, exposed and fragile moment for this big powerful man, allow us into that cry for help." - Steven Mann

"Your look, voice, and intensity of eye contact are compelling." - Bliss Griffin

"Great look but I was unclear on what he wanted from the doctor, what his point of view was." - Judy Kain

Jude Dexter - WINNER

We're thrilled to congratulate Jude Dexter as the winner in our Members Choice Award for 2021! Jude's monologue has been voted the best of all submissions by Mandy members out of a record-breaking number of entries! 

Submitting your monologue

Submitting your monologue couldn’t be easier! This year we are running two Monologue Competitions in 2021: one for actors based in the US and Canada and one for actors in the UK and the rest of the world. You'll find the submission process at the bottom of this page. We've broken it down into three simple steps: 

  1. Record your monologue and save the final file on your device or computer 
  2. Select the category you are entering (Graduates, Emerging or Established)
  3. Click 'Pick File', upload your final monologue video - ensuring it’s under 200mb in size - and hit apply!


Renee Garcia
Renee Garcia (Casting Director)
Bliss Griffin
Bliss Griffin (Diversity and Inclusion Strategist: Actors’ Equity Association)
Jessica Fox-Thigpen
Jessica Fox-Thigpen (Casting Director)

Steven Mann
Steven Mann (Casting Director)
Judy Kain
Judy Kain (Actor, Author, and Public Speaker)

Renee is an award-winning casting director and owns Renee Garcia Casting. She has worked with star names such as Danny Trejo, Danny Glover, Ann Margret, Wayne Brady, Busy Phillips, Dolf Lundgren, Paul Sorvino, Michael Madsen, Keith David, Jim O’Heir and more. She was the Casting Director for the award-winning film 86 Melrose Avenue, amongst many other projects. Renee was recently nominated for Mandy’s 2020 Casting Director Award (nominated by actors).

Bliss has dedicated her career to creating an arts and entertainment industry culture that uplifts performers in their employment relationships. After a decade as an actor, Bliss transitioned to arts and labor administration. She serves currently as the Diversity and Inclusion Strategist at Actors’ Equity Association. Bliss holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Miami and a Master of Business Administration from Fordham University. She is also a JD Candidate at Fordham School of Law.

Jessica is the owner of Fox Casting, which specializes in casting scripted projects for film, TV, commercials, and scripted podcasts, with the soon-to-be-released There Be Monsters (John Boyega and Darren Criss). Other projects include over 120 combined episodes of hit TV series Swamp Murders, Your Worst Nightmare, Dead Silent, To Catch a Killer and more, as well as feature films His Killer Fan and A Totally Awesome 80’s Christmas. She has also partnered with clients such as Honda, Goldman Sachs, T-Mobile and Coca-Cola.


Steven is a renowned casting and owner of Mann Casting, based in Toronto. He has cast many projects over the years, including the award-winning documentary film My Father and the Man in Black, comedy feature film The Movie Out Here and many more. Steven also wrote and produced the 2017 series The Show.

Judy Kain

Judy has worked as a professional actress and public speaker for 38 years, showcasing her skills and talents in over 400 commercials and more than 110 roles for film and TV. Some of Judy’s well-known acting credits include roles on The Fosters and Mad Men, a role which won her a SAG Award. Judy is also the owner of Keeping It Real Acting, is a published author of the acclaimed book: I BOOKED IT! The Commercial Actors Handbook and works as a commercial teacher.


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Actors Choice Award (voted for by our community):
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*Redeemable for winners based in certain geographical locations only.

Read before submitting

  • Keep it short! Your monologue should be no more than two minutes long.
  • Don't worry about budget - filming on a tablet or laptop is fine.
  • Profanity is ok if it is in the script. No nudity, please.
  • Our Competition is open to all Mandy Actors members in the USA and Canada. 
  • Only one entry per member permitted.
  • We take votes for our Actors Choice category very seriously and we reserve the right to disqualify any member suspected of falsifying votes for their monologue entry.
  • Any member using Mandy's internal mail function to spam others for the sake of the Competition risks their entry being banned.
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