Voiceover Competition 2019


We've received some very impressive Voiceover entries and we would like to congratulate our voiceover competition nominees who were selected from over 865 submissions. Our judging panel of 5 top industry experts have now decided which artists have won the Mandy Voiceover Categories! Read the judges feedback and join us in congratulating the winners. Thank you for taking part and supporting a worldwide community of Voice Over Artists!

Lucy Brownhill - WINNER

‘Lucy has a good pacing and performance style that helps depict the imagery with a warm and fun read which suits this style of commercial.’ Ingrid Janseen-Armstrong.
‘Great expressive performance that didn't need any additional support of SFX or music. It stands on it's own merits and delivers something unique.’ Cris Aragon

John Klug

‘I like John's take on the commercial by using his own creativity (edit and FX).’ Ingrid Janssen-Armstrong.
‘Great use of production. SFX and music work really well. ' Cris Aragon

Paul Rose

‘Paul has a nice cal soothing read.’ Ingrid Janssen-Armstrong.
‘Excellent performance with character. It could benefit from some quirks to make it unique. ' Cris Aragon.

Mark Ryes - WINNER!

‘It's a solid gaming style. Good character switch. I think the correct performance for such storyline.’ Ingrid Janssen-Armstrong.
‘Very clear distinction between characters, making it clear it's a dialogue.’ Cris Aragon.

Laila Berzins

‘Laila brings a different style. Interesting take on the piece.’ Ingrid Janssen-Armstrong.
‘Very good perfomances but not too clear regarding characters.' Cris Aragon.

Ben Hynes

‘I like the understated style of this. Good switch of characters and accent performance.’ Ingrid Janssen-Armstrong.
‘Nice delivery but lacking in definition in the characters.’ Cris Aragon.

Chandrika Chevli - WINNER!

‘Clear and concise delivery. Good switch between voices. Natural not over performed.’ Ingrid Janssen-Armstrong.
‘Great narration as well as clear distinction in the characters with a very good and distinct range.’ Cris Aragon.

Bethan Dixon Bate

Bethan has an interesting unique voice.' Ingrid Janssen-Armstrong.
‘Fantastic narration but not as defined characters. Great performance though.’ Cris Aragon.

Richard Crowest

‘Richard has a great clarity to his voice which lends itself so well to audiobook. He nails descriptive elements to the script. You can really build the imagery in your mind through his pacing, good use of inflections and the right amount of enthusiasm. Ingrid Janssen-Armstrong.
‘Great narration but lacking in character definition.’ Cris Aragon.


We're thrilled to congratulate Lara Lemon, winner of the Mandy Members Choice Award.

The Judges

Cristina AragónCris Aragón
Founder & CEO of 5A Studios
Mark SilkMarc Silk 
Voice Actor
Dave FenoyDave Fennoy
Voice Actor
Simon LenaganSimon Lenagan
Actor & Founder of Just Voices Agency
Ingrid Janssen-ArmstrongIngrid Janssen-Armstrong
Partner & Creative Director of HONEY
Cris Aragon

Cris Aragon is the Founder and CEO of 5A Studios, a sound and video post production studios with clients including 20th Century Fox, Netflix, NBC & Universal. Cris has over 20 years experience in Film & TV Sound Post Production. In 2013 she won the Sound Award by The Women’s International Film & Television Showcase. She was the Sound Supervisor for BBC Films' production of Christmas Carol. She was Head of Production for Marina Abromovic’s ’The Life” MR exhibition, and was responsible for the audio experiences for the HoloLens Microsoft Studio on their Royal Society Project.

Mark Silk

Marc Silk's voice is heard across the planet. In Star Wars: Episode I, Marc worked with George Lucas performing the voice of Aks Moe. He’s Grandmaster Glitch in BAFTA nominated Go Jetters, and plays over 30 animated characters in Danger Mouse. Marc has also voiced Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and Johnny Bravo for Cartoon Network UK. He is a voice director and vocal coach for CITV's BAFTA winning Share A Story, and features in the Oscar winning short film This Way Up. He has also voiced many games, such as Sega’s 2019 BAFTA nominated Two Point Hospital and BAFTA winning Black & White.

Dave Fenoy

Dave Fennoy is a voice actor known for his versatility, providing voices for commercials, narrations, TV promos, award shows, animation and video games. He is well known for his portrayal of Lee Everett, on 2013’s Game of The Year, The Walking Dead, for which he earned 5 nominations and 2 trophies for best performance in a video game. Dave has voiced a wide variety of characters on more than 400 games. IMDB has named Dave as “one of the 20 best male game voices of all time”. He is also a VO instructor, conducting workshops across the world.

Simon Lenagan

Simon Lenagan is an actor, producer and founder of Just Voices Agency with more than 20 years of experience in film, TV and theatre. He was the founding director of Counterpoint, an innovative company which merged business with the arts. He has performed in, developed and produced a number of plays and musicals including The Long and The Short and The Tall (West End) and the glam-rock award-winning musical extravaganza – Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens (West End and UK tour). He was also an executive producer of Mrs. Lowry & Son

Ingrid Janssen-Armstrong

Ingrid Janssen-Armstrong is partner and creative director of HONEY, a London based audio company specialising in voiceover production. With over 20 year’s experience in audio production, Ingrid has collaborated on projects for advertising agencies, the music industry, PR & Marketing agencies and voiceover talent agencies. Through voice casting, audio production, scriptwriting, and voice direction, Ingrid’s passion and expertise lies in bringing words and pictures to life through the art of voiceover.

The Prizes

We have brought together some of the best providers in the industry to create a prize package that will enhance your career - including masterclasses, voicereels, voice care and more.


Video Games Winner:

Mandy Voices - Annual Premium Membership
Vocalzone - Package of Products
Gary Terzza Masterclass - 30 minutes Voiceover Masterclass
The VoiceOver Network - Annual Membership
5A Studios - Voicereel

Audiobook Winner:
Mandy Voices - Annual Premium Membership
Vocalzone - Package of Products
Gary Terzza Masterclass - 30 minutes Voiceover Masterclass
The VoiceOver Network - Annual Membership
5A Studios - Voicereel

Commercial Winner:
Mandy Voices - Annual Premium Membership
Vocalzone - Package of Products
Gary Terzza Masterclass - 30 minutes Voiceover Masterclass
The VoiceOver Network - Annual Membership
5A Studios - Voicereel

Members choice award (Voted by Mandy peers):
Mandy Voices - Annual Premium Membership
Vocalzone - Package of Products
Gary Terzza Masterclass - 30 minutes Voiceover Masterclass
The VoiceOver Network - Annual Membership
Uptown Studios - Voicereel

Submitting your Entry

You'll find the submission process at the bottom of this page and submitting your video couldn't be easier. We've broken it down into 4 simple steps: 

  1. Pick which category you want to enter. You can find the Scripts for each category here. 
      Video Game Script
      Colonel Sam (The Colonel reaches down and grabs Alex’s hand): Nice job corporal! You finally made it. We were getting worried about you!
      Corporal Alex (Gasping, Alex hauls himself up over the ledge): Thank you Colonel - it got a bit hairy there. My team certainly deserve some R&R. We heard this base has the comfiest beds for a hundred light years.
      Colonel Sam: Sorry to disappoint you Alex, but there’s no time to rest, we have a situation. While you and your team were messing around with the Treporian renegades, the Lodan Dynasty finally made their move. I’ll need you to come straight to the briefing room.
      Corporal Alex: Christ! What are we looking at Colonel?
      Colonel Sam: Let’s just say you’re going to be waiting a long time for that R&R.
      Colonel Sam: Now come on Alex. We’ve got a universe to save.
  2. Audiobook Script
    When Abigail woke up on the morning of the 12th of September 2025 she knew immediately something had changed. Well, perhaps that might be a slight exaggeration. First, she sneezed and rubbed her eyes and stumbled to the kitchen to make a coffee. But then she noticed that something was very different. The light in her wonky kitchen had an odd glow and there was a strange buzzing in the air.
    And instead of the depressing grey she was used to seeing every morning, when she opened the kitchen curtains the sky was distinctly purple.
    ‘Purple sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning,’ she mumbled.
    ‘I think it’s red sky miss - but this is definitely a warning alright!’ laughed the jolly little man outside the window.
    Abigail pulled her dressing gown tightly around herself and waved before going back to pour her coffee.
    It was then she remembered that she lived on the 8th floor. And she didn’t have a balcony.
    Script for Commercial
    (Short images of stressful moments in the day - the alarm waking a woman up. Running out of hot water in the shower. A depressing wilted sandwich at her desk…finishing the day asleep on the sofa with the TV on.)
    V.O:Alarm. Shower. Coffee. Car. Work. Sandwich. Car. TV.
    Life becoming a never ending groundhog day?
    Take action. Take a holiday.

    (Woman throws her wilted sandwich in the bin and logs on to Mandy Holidays website)
    V.O:With Mandy Holidays you could be sunning yourself on a beach. Riding the world’s biggest roller coaster or just taking the time to finally finish that novel.
    (Images of the woman having fun, relaxing - a completely different person.)
    V.O:Change your story. Change your life.
  3. Record your audio and save the final file on your device or computer.
  4. Select the category you are entering: Audiobook, Video Game, Commercial - All submissions automatically enter the Members Choice category.
  5. Click 'Pick File' and Upload your final audio file, ensuring its under 200mb in size - and hit apply.

Read before submitting

  1. Keep it short. Your audio should be around 1 minute long.
  2. Make sure you use the scripts provided, but feel free to bring your own personality to them.
  3. Low budget - don't worry about the sound not being of studio standards. As long as your voice is clear and audible, it's fine.
  4. No profanity please.
  5. Competition open to all Mandy Voices members. Only 1 entry per member permitted.
  6. Deadline for entries is: 31st October 2019.
  7. Mandy will not use submissions for commercial purposes.
  8. Submissions will be searchable and visible on the web.
  9. People submitting files should acknowledge that they own the copyrights to them.