The Young Talent Showcase 2019


We've received some very impressive entries to our first Young Talent Showcase and we would like to congratulate our competition nominees who were selected from over 197 submissions. Our judging panel of 4 top industry experts have now decided which talented performers have won the Mandy Young Talent Showcase 2019! Read the judges feedback and join us in congratulating the winners. Thank you for taking part and supporting a worldwide community of Young Performers!

Amelie Flanagan - WINNER

‘Handled the scene really well. So realistic. I couldn't stop watching her.' Aisha Bywaters
‘Super confident introduction, very professional. Excellent scene and well suited to age. Very naturalistic and believable acting, fabulous actress for film and television projects. Great eye contact with reader and good concentration, very clear diction - super!’ Kristie Sicolo.
'Amelie offers us a beautiful, naturalistic performance delivered with real charm and flair. Amelie is fully engaged in the scene and I got a real sense of her relationship with Charlotte. Amelie has a strong screen presence and a lot of potential. I really enjoyed this performance.' Richard Mulholland.
'Lovely, confident and warm introduction. Perfect choice of scene and character. I believed every word she said. Great emotional connection to the text. She gave the scene a clear emotional arc with a strong and satisfying resolution. Demonstrated a broad acting range. A really enjoyable audition!' Cliodhna McCorley

Imogen Davis

‘What a voice for someone so young! Loved her version of the song.’  Aisha Bywaters.
‘Strong voice, passionate performance, very clearly knows her pop music and has a lovely style – a little popstar in the making.' Kristie Sicolo.
'Imogen gives a skilled and highly accomplished performance here. Imogen has a distinctive voice and a lovely full tone. She is a confident performer with a great technique. Imogen has an exciting future ahead.' Richard Mulholland.
'What a unique voice! Imogen showed great control and power throughout whilst also creating more intimate moments of vulnerability by drawing us in and using a mix of head and chest voice. Fantastic articulation in the verse making really empathise with what she was singing. If this is the beginning I cannot wait to see where Imogen will be in a few years time. Definitely one to watch.' Cliodhna McCorley

Eva Marriott

‘Lovely voice. Confident but sweet performance.’ Aisha Bywaters.
‘Sweet voice and displaying plenty of confidence. Very lovely tone and adorable, well done with acting through song.' Kristie Sicolo.
'Eva really conveys the magic of this song and engages with the audience in an exciting and detailed way. Eva has a beautiful, clear voice and excellent technique. Eva also has a great sense of the character and the situation. A lovely performance.' Richard Mulholland.
'Eva has brilliant energy and used simple but precisely executed gestures to tell the story of the song clearly. She drew the audience in so we were hanging on her every word. I really wanted to go with her!! This song suits Eva’s tone perfectly. Very mature and impressive phrasing and breath. Loved the smile at the end.' Cliodhna McCorley

Luke Crabtree - WINNER!

‘Great passion throughout. Lots of potential, he has superb power.’ Aisha Bywaters.
‘Fantastic voice and great song choice to display your talent. Huge congratulations, it was an enjoyable performance.' Kristie Sicolo.
‘I love this rendition of ‘Listen’ from Dreamgirls. Luke has an amazing facility and his singing is soulful and brilliantly delivered. The riffing is really exciting and effortless and Luke is really connected to the story and emotion of the song. A great achievement and surely a name to watch for the future.’ Richard Mulholland.
'I was left speechless after Luke’s performance. He is a vocal acrobat. An extraordinary range and control. Luke was born to sing and perform. I couldn’t take my eyes of him. Brilliant light and shade. There were so many gear changes in this and I really felt him break free half way through. I could watch him again and again. I loved it!' Cliodhna McCorley

Venetia Hogg

‘Very dramatic. She was really in control of the scene. Excellent job.’ Aisha Bywaters.
‘A well-controlled performance, natural and tense where it needed to be, you showed focus, emotion and clarity. Well done!' Kristie Sicolo.
‘Venetia gives a highly committed and mature performance in this monologue. She commits fully to the story and draws us into the characters’ journey. Venetia has a strong screen presence and displays a high level of skill and emotional engagement. Very good work.’ Richard Mulholland.
'Wonderful on screen technique. I could see every thought that Venetia was thinking and the internal struggle. You took us on a journey, painting the pictures of the memories clearly and intelligently. Great vulnerability, intimacy and stillness. A total contrast to the warm bubbly energy in your intro and outro. Loved it!' Cliodhna McCorley

Amelie Williams

‘Sang well, had a great tone. She projected really well.’ Aisha Bywaters.
‘Very lovely introduction, stunning vocals and great acting through song. Really great performance, well done.’ Kristie Sicolo.
‘Amelie gives a striking performance here of 'No One Knows Who I am' from Jekyll and Hyde. Amelie has a vey strong voice and she uses it to wonderful effect in this haunting number. Offering a committed and detailed characterisation Amelie shows fantastic potential.’ Richard Mulholland.
'An engaging confident introduction. Great connection to the lyrics. Amelie is a very talented vocalist and storyteller with a very beautiful natural tone. A wonderfully expressive face. A subtle yet powerful performance!' Cliodhna McCorley

Tia Sinclair - WINNER!

‘Really enjoyed the way she handled the scene, very engaging.’ Aisha Bywaters.
‘A very ‘real’ and naturalistic performance, confident and clear. The scene was delivered at a good pace and kept me fully engaged throughout.’ Kristie Sicolo.
‘This is a highly engaged and committed performance. I liked the fact that Tia plays the situation and finds the humour through the story telling. Tia does not signpost the jokes but rather allows us to find the humour in the monologue. Tia takes us on a journey and gives us a subtle nuanced performance. Excellent work.’ Richard Mulholland.
'Great audition selection. I would completely cast Tia in this role. A warm and truthful performance. I liked that her comedy came by playing it totally straight. I totally believed the relationship that she created with the person she was speaking to from the start. Brilliant choice and great camera technique.' Cliodhna McCorley

Joi Lurrie

'Great vocals ands performance. There was a real connection with the lyrics. Really enjoyed her musicality.' Aisha Bywaters.
‘A powerful and passionate performance. A fabulous singing range with full control, great acting through song too.’ Kristie Sicolo.
‘Joi has a lovely tone to her singing voice and uses it to moving and powerful effect in this accomplished rendition of 'On My Own' from Les Miserables. Joi finds Eponine’s anguish within this song but also the depth of the unrequited love which she feels for Marius. A lovely performance showing lots of potential.’ Richard Mulholland.
'The most refreshing audition I’ve seen. Such a raw talent. Joi was completely connected to her character and the complex situation she finds herself. Her honest vulnerability coupled with utter strength and determination were mesmerising. A very gripping story arc in such a short space of time. An intelligent interpretation of the lyrics. She was emotionally connected throughout and so was I. And it was such a pay off st the end to see her lovely warm smile.' Cliodhna McCorley

Cameron Day

‘Lots of energy and a real presence. Great delivery of the text.' Aisha Bywaters.
‘Confident and clear introduction and performance. Very good interpretation of the character, clear diction and delivery.’ Kristie Sicolo.
'Cameron gives a detailed and compelling account of Christopher’s monologue from The Curious Incident of the Dog in The Nighttime. Cameron really captures the physical and vocal essence of this character and the way on which he delivers dialogue in a totally matter of fact way. Very accomplished acting and a striking and mature performance of this complicated character.' Richard Mulholland.
'I really enjoyed Cameron’s use of gestures, voice and expression to transform into a character totally different from his introduction. He painted a clear picture of the story he was telling. It was great each thought come to him like it was the first time he’d told this memory to someone. I could actually see the sea! A very well researched monologue with a clear understanding of the play, character and circumstances. Very impressive!' Cliodhna McCorley

Lara Harris - WINNER

We're thrilled to congratulate Lara Harris, winner of the Mandy Young Talent Showcase Actors Choice Award for 2019. Lara has been voted best monologue by fellow Mandy members out of a massive 197 entries! 

The Judges

Cliodhna McCorleyClíodhna McCorley 
Actor & National Youth Theatre's Development Manager
Aisha BywatersAisha Bywaters
Casting Director
Kristie SicoloKristie Sicolo
Head Agent
Richard MulhollandRichard Mulholland
Director, Performer & Writer
Cliodhna McCorley

Clíodhna McCorley is an actor and Development Manager for the world’s first youth theatre - the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. She has performed on stage, screen and stadia across the UK, Europe and Asia. As Development Manager for the National Youth Theatre, Clíodhna focuses on creating life-changing opportunities for young people and raising funds to help make the arts accessible to every young person in the UK. Through their auditions, courses and critically-acclaimed productions, NYT champions new onstage and backstage talent ensuring equality, quality and diversity are never compromised.

Aisha Bywaters

Aisha Bywaters is a renowed Casting Director, working with numerous acclaimed directors in Film and TV. She worked for Shaheen Baig Casting for 6 years and assisted Shaheen on numerous projects, including: The Impossible (Starring Naomi Watts and Ewan Mcgregor), Locke (Starring Tom Hardy), Black Mirror (Written By Charlie Brooker) and Peaky Blinders (Starring Cillian Murphy). Since leaving, some of her credits as a casting director include Youngers, Cyberbully (Starring Maisie Williams), The Watchman (Starring Stephen Graham) and Enterprice (Starring Kayode Ewumi).

Kristie Sicolo

Kristie Sicolo is the Head Agent of Quirky Kidz Creative Management. She started her career performing at a young age and made her West End debut at the National Theatre aged 14. She is responsible for securing high profile jobs within the film, television and theatre industry predominantly for juvenile roles. Some of her recent client credits include: The Last Pope (Netflix), Outlander (Starz), Hollyoaks (Ch4), EastEnders (BBC), The Worst Witch (CBBC), Holby City (BBC), Mary Queen Of Scots (Feature), Peterloo (Feature), Game Of Thrones (HBO) to name a few!

Richard Mulholland

Richard Mulholland is Course Director and Head of Musical Theatre at Italia Conti, London. He sits on the board of the Federation of Drama Schools and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Richard has worked extensively as a director of plays, musicals and showcases. As a performer Richard has appeared on stage, television, radio and in movies such as Quills with Geoffrey Rush, Angel with John Hannah and Miss Potter with Renee Zellweger. Richard has written plays, musicals and screenplays.

The Prizes

We have brought together some of the best providers in the industry to create a prize package that will enhance your career - Headshots, Coaching Sessions, and more.

The Tinies (4 to 7 years old) Winner:

Mandy Child Actors - Annual Premium Membership, worth £129.
Bear and Pine - The Digital Headshot Collection, worth £250. 
National Youth Theatre - Take Centre Stage bag, worth £10

The Inbetweeners (8 to 12 years old) Winner:
Mandy Child Actors - Annual Premium Membership, worth £129.
Carl Proctor - Professional Headshots, worth £300. 
The Shed - 1 hour Coaching Session with Jade Rambaut, worth £50
National Youth Theatre - Take Centre Stage bag, worth £10

The Teens (13 to 17 years old) Winner:
Mandy Child Actors - Annual Premium Membership, worth £129.
Pete Bartlett Photography - Professional Headshots, worth £235
National Youth Theatre - Audition or Backstage Interview, worth £30
National Youth Theatre - one year of NYT Club Membership, worth £24
National Youth Theatre - one copy of the book Monologues: 75 Speeches for Auditions, worth £13

Actors choice award (Voted by Mandy peers):
Mandy Child Actors - Annual Premium Membership, worth £129.
Rory Lewis Photography - Headshot Session with Celebrity Photographer Rory Lewis, worth £300
The Shed - 1 hour Coaching Session with Jade Rambaut, worth £50
National Youth Theatre - Take Centre Stage bag, worth £10
National Youth Theatre - Two tickets to any NYT show (subject to availability, valid for one year), worth £44

Submitting your Video

You'll find the submission process at the bottom of this page and submitting your video couldn't be easier. We've broken it down into 3 simple steps: 

  1. Record your video and save the final file on your device or computer.
  2. Select the category you are entering: The Tinies (4 to 7 years old), The Inbetweeners (8 to 12 years old), The Teens (13 to 17 years old) - All videos automatically enter the Actors Choice category.
  3. Click 'Pick File' and Upload your final video clip, ensuring its under 200mb in size - and hit apply.

Read before submitting

  1. Keep it short! Your video should be no more than 2 minutes long.
  2. Please don't upload a showreel!
  3. Low budget - get a parent with a steady hand to capture your performance on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  4. No profanity and no nudity please.
  5. Competition open to all Mandy Child Actors members. Only 1 entry per member permitted.
  6. Deadline for entries is: 1st July 2019.
  7. Submissions may be used by the Mandy Network for marketing purposes.
  8. Submissions will be searchable and visible on the web.
  9. For privacy reasons we cannot accept videos featuring children other the one entering the competition.
  10. People submitting videos should acknowledge that they own the copyrights to it.