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    ACT attracts students of all ages and walks of life and enables people to realistically achieve their ambition of a career in the performing arts. Classes are in the evenings and at weekends so that students can continue to meet their working and/or domestic commitments whilst re-training.

    The ACT team is comprised of highly experienced, passionate and dedicated actors and directors. They bring their own current professional practice into the classroom, relish the opportunity to nurture new talent and are committed to creating a safe, supportive and inspiring creative environment.

    ACT tutors are currently working at the National Theatre, the Lyric, the Globe, the RSC and the BBC. Similarly ACT graduates are to be found working on National and European tours, on BBC television and Radio, Independent Films, TIE tours and so on.

    We run on a non profit making basis so we can offer quality training at affordable rates.

    Our ethos is to provide access to professional Drama Training for talented individuals who have been unable to follow traditional routes into the acting profession through lack of academic qualifications, financial restrictions or family responsibilities.

    Students must be 18+ to apply to the Diploma and 16+ for the Foundation and all other adult courses. There is no upper age limit.

    ACT Kids Theatre offers classes for children and young people from 6 to 18.

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  • Suzanne Fearn
    Suzanne Fearn
    2017, 2 yr. Acting
    This college is great for adult studies and allowed the student to work during the day to supplement the fees.
  • Elijah braik
    Elijah braik
    2016, 2 yr. Acting
    I studied at Act Brighton from September 2014 to July 2016 and I have to say that I was trained by the best. It’s given me the skills, confidence and professionalism to move into a full time acting career. Janette, Dan and the team gave us all of the tools including voice, physicality, musical theatre, acting for television. They also really cared about our well-being and as a mature student changing careers this was essential. As a result of studying at ACT I now have an agent and am getting roles and auditions on stage and in front of the camera. I would whole heartedly recommend ACT to anyone wanting to kickstart a career in acting.
  • Alex Louise
    Alex Louise
    2016, 3 yr. Acting
    ACT has provided tutors with a great amount of experience and knowledge that they have imparted to their students. The tutors have really helped me grow as an actor.
  • Cerys Knighton
    Cerys Knighton
    2014, 2 yr. Acting
    Completing my education at The Academy of Creative Training has been the most rewarding experience. The quality of the teaching is extremely high and the experience I gained in both stage and TV was invaluable in taking my first steps towards an acting career.
  • Kordian Gil
    Kordian Gil
    2014, 2 yr. Acting
    Academy of Creative Training provides excellent vocational training, i am constantly being challenged and always learning.
  • Wayne Liversidge
    Wayne Liversidge
    1 year foundation in acting
    yes the teachers were brilliant and very supportive of the students.
  • Becki Charles
    Becki Charles
    2012, 2 yr. Acting
    I am blessed to have had the amazing opportunity to study at ACT. They have given me the required skills & confidence to go out into the big wide, wonderful, world acting. The level of teaching coupled with the continued support of all the teachers and ex ACT Graduates has been incredible.
  • Paul Bentinck
    Paul Bentinck
    2011, 2 yr. Acting
    Having attended The Academy of Creative Training from September,2009 to July,2011 I found the course to be highly rigorous and enjoyable. A high emphasis was placed on gaining practical experience and preparing for the demands of the acting industry. I have no hesitation in saying that I came out of The Academy as a much improved actor.
  • Murray Simon
    Murray Simon
    2009, 2 yr. Acting
    The Academy of Creative Training being the only drama School in the south coast to offer professional actors training is unique and special to me in many ways. the college gives opportunity to any walk of life, with the only age restriction being you must be over 18 their doors are open to any age group, within my year we ranged from the youngest at 18 to the eldest in their 60's with many in-between. the Tutors are all working actors, directors and writers offering their experience and skills, to me it felt less like a tutor to pupil experience than an apprenticeship. i don't know of any other college that offers a more in-depth and personal tutorage into the practical workings of the performance industry. The courses are held during the evening in order to allow the pupils to continue work and family life, this also enables students to work off their fee's to the college so they may start their carers in the acting world without the burden of student debt on their heads. i would say my time at the Academy of Creative Training was the most enjoyable time of my life, I gained everything I needed to start and survive in this industry.
  • Annie Jackson
    Annie Jackson
    2008, 1 Year Foundation
    This course was perfect for me at the time as it eased me into the idea of full time actor training. It gave me the confidence and grounding that I needed to then go on to their 2 year Diploma in speech and drama. The level of teaching is outstanding and I don't regret and minute or penny of it!
  • Matt Weyland
    Matt Weyland
    2007, 2 yr. Acting
    This was an excellent course for those seeking a career change, similar in intent to The Poor School . I was 34 when I started the course and have not stopped working since graduation in 07. Tutors are all working actors which means the classes are lively and relevant.
  • Jenny Rowe
    Jenny Rowe
    2005, 2 yr. Acting
    My time at ACT was brilliant - the best thing I've ever done. The standard of teaching was excellent - we got the same teachers in Brighton who also teach in the larger London schools. The 2 week workshop is excellent value for money, allowing students to get to have a taster of what the diploma is like, and also allows the school to get a comprehensive feel for how the students work individually and in an ensemble. It has recently been accredited with Trinity Guildhall status for it's diploma course, which runs in the evenings to make it accessible to mature students who work full time. It has a great family feel, I am still in touch with many of the teachers five years on not least because they are good at remembering you for roles in their productions! very supportive.
  • Nathan Parkin
    Nathan Parkin
    2005, 1 yr Foundation Course
    A very good and well rounded course for those taking the first steps into training in professional acting. In just one year they covered a lot of ground in many aspects of acting and other related performing arts.
  • Martina Moss-Clarke
    Martina Moss-Clarke
    2004, 2 yr. Acting
    Excellent all round 2 year actors training, manageable fees, allowed me to work at the same time; fellow students with a rich variety of ages & life experience because of this. I always feel just as trained & prepared as my contemporaries who have often completed 3 year full time courses at london schools.

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