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    Birmingham Theatre School
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    Birmingham Theatre School's primary aim is to provide a centre of excellence in Performing Arts.

    We pride ourselves on accessible, affordable, quality professional training, as a gateway to both higher education, and realistic employment opportunities into the theatre and its related fields of work.

    With a mixture of performance work, class and workshop study and the achievement of nationally recognised qualifications students gain the necessary knowledge and confidence to embark on a performance related career.

    We offer a comprehensive range of acting courses, full or part time, for local, regional and national students. There are government assisted HND and BTEC Courses, an independent fee paying course and introductory courses for all. Students are assessed individually and guided onto the course that will offer the best and most realistic chance for success.

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  • Yvonne McCleary
    Yvonne McCleary
    2009, Professional Diploma In Acting
    This course is no walk in the park I'm afraid. If you are truly serious about learning the many and varied aspects of the trade and you are willing to put in the time and effort then you will find this course and it's many modules very rewarding, but you must be prepared to put the effort in by getting your research projects in on time and actively taking part in lessons. I found this course very demanding of my time as I have a very young family but I was determined to see it through to the very end, needless to say many people dropped out before we even got to the halfway point. I would strongly recommend this course if you are serious about learning, because you will be taught ALL aspects of acting and theatre work - even the history! I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter of my life, (hard work and all), and would not think twice about recommending it to anyone else. Worth every penny, worthy of my time. Yvonne Clark.
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Saad-Ali Khan
2019, Stage Combat