London Drama School

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    London Drama School
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    London Drama School

    Intensive and Personal Vocational Training in Performing Arts.

    The Drama workshops are led by "Incisor", the resident London Fringe Theatre Company, together with their team of professional West-End actors and directors.

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  • Nicola Buckmaster
    Nicola Buckmaster
    2004, Post Graduate Acting
    I had the best time ever at The London Drama School, I learned so much about myself, the industry and new skills I would have never knew about. One of the good things about this school is the teachers are all actors, so they know what their talking about as they've been there themseleves, I still see some of them today now and then pop up on something! They let you go for auditions as they believe that it is a great way to learn and I worked on three very different productions whislt I was there. It was worth my time and money. I wished it hadn't had gone so quickly. Nicola x