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    Reynold's Performing Arts
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    Reynolds offers professional training from elite industry staff. Our training focuses on the demands of the industry and continually adapts to accommodate the changes within the profession. Learners’ individual needs are skillfully met with the use of carefully devised timetables and individual learning plans. These are constructed to ensure all learners’ individual career goals are recognised and achieved.

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  • Dan Cappa
    Dan Cappa
    2009, B tech National (performing arts)
    I enjoyed the course at Reynolds although I found that it was very danced based with lessons for acting and singing added in. The staff were very easy to work with and I was able to build a mutual relationship which helped me achieve targets and get the best out of my ability. I personally believe that is not what you get out of the training but what you put in as well as the motivation from the staff provided. Although Reynolds is not as well known as more commercial as other schools, it certainly has the foundations to move forward and produce talented individuals.
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Rebecca Gardiner
2019, 3 yr Musical Theatre