Jem Ball 1k MuzBall Tungsten LightBall

The Jem Ball product line replaces the conventional paper lantern. The JEM Ball radiates a soft surround (360° ) lighting effect with fewer shadows than conventional lights. The JEM Ball's sturdy construction makes it both durable and reliable. A modern, sturdy and reliable harp to replace the dangling light sockets of past. Light bulb is held securely in the center of the lantern by the aircraft grade aluminum structure harp. Bleached and Unbleached Muslin Ball replaces the paper balls of the past, supported by aircraft grade aluminum and nasa tech expanable chimera frame. 1000watt harp in the 22" system and 1500watt globe assigned to the 30" ball. Designed to mount easily on any type of stand. Handheld mounts available upon request. 3200kv to 5600kv range

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Kurtis Anton
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