Sony PMW - F3

The PMW-F3 is part of the CineAlta 24P family of digital cinematography products and its support for multiple frame rates includes a filmic 23.98P as well as S-Log workflows.

Sony’s Exmor™ Super35 CMOS sensor was designed with the benefit of two decades experience in Digital Cinematography, pioneering digital HD acquisition for feature films and broadcast TV through the legendary CineAlta product range. It brings a true ‘film look’ and superior image quality into reach for independent movies, pop promos, commercials and other applications, as well as making the PMW-F3 an ideal B-camera for high-end feature film production.

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Alternative Names

F3, Sonny F3, Sony F3, Sony F3 Camera, Sony F3 Digital Camera, Sony PMW-F3/4:2:2 KeyPro Mini, Sony PMW-F3K, Sony PMW-F3 Super-35 Camera, Sony Super35mm Cinealta PMW-F3