Behringer DDX3216

Fully automated 32-channel 16-bus digital mixing console. Each channel features a fully parametric 4-band equalizer, sweepable high-pass filter, gate, compressor/limiter and phase inversion—all simultaneously operable. The first 16 channels additionally offer a delay function. Add four on-board effects processors that put just about any imaginable effect type at your fingertips, naturally in top quality and also simultaneously accessible.

Then full-fledged dynamic and static automation functions, extensive synchronization options and MIDI implementation, a comprehensive internal I/O patchbay, full digital compatibility and functionality. Plus unusually flexible connectivity and expandability, supported via two expansion slots for ADAT ® , TDIF, AES/EBU interfaces and more. All based on 32-bit floating-point processing (40-bit for the EQ’s).

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