Zero88 Jester

Lighting desk for small scale projects.

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Alternative Names

Zero 88 - Jester, Zero 88 Jester 12/24, Zero 88 Jester 12-24 DMX Lighting Desk., Zero 88 Jester 24/48, Zero 88 jester 48 ml, Zero 88 Jester Console, Zero 88 - Jester/Jester ML, Zero 88 Jester Lighting Console, Zero88 Jester Lighting Control Board, Zero 88 Jester Lighting Control Desk, Zero88 Jester Lighting Desk, Zero 88 Jester LX board, Zero 88 jester lx desk, Zero88 Jester ML, Zero88 Jester ml24, Zero88 Jester ML48, Zero 88 jester (ML and Standard), Zero 88 Jesters, Zero 88 Jester series