Jetzt oder Nie / Liebe und Zufall / Now or never

2014, 110 minutes

A woman meets her past - and discovers her future

The 76-year-old Elise knows exactly how the last years of her life to be run: With Paul, with whom she has been happily married for 50 years, she wants to live up to their last breath in the joint villa Zurich mountain, lovingly cared for by Angela , her faithful housekeeper. But then Angela is discovered by a man of the theater, and committed to a play. Paul drives his '68 Maserati to a man and befriends in a row with him; Elise passionately kissing a young veterinarian who looks like her childhood sweetheart Robert confusingly - she faints. All this would be no reason to spend the evening of life differently than planned if the young vet would not be the son of the man approached and this is not the man of the theater, which has Angela recruited for Elise and Paul. Is it all just a coincidence? Is it fate? And Elise has the right, so late to write the biography of everyone involved new?

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Gabriel Gambetta
Man in hospital

Alternative Names

Jetzt oder Nie / Liebe und Zufall (English, German, Swiss German), Jetzt oder Nie / Liebe und Zufall (Now or never), Now or never (Jetzt oder Nie / Liebe und Zufall)