2015, 10 minutes

Two Brothers go on a trek that ends in tragedy, leaving the eldest, Ethan, questioning what could have been.

Two brothers are trekking through the forest. They share a conversation where the eldest Ethan, explains that he is leaving with his partner Mia to move to Scotland. As they journey on the youngest, Alex gets progressively younger and consequently more immature. They bicker when Alex loses his medicine to help treat the pain caused by his injured leg. When he reaches the age of 12 Alex questions Ethan on their age gap and whether he was an accident. Ethan reassures him that he is loved by comparing good and bad accidents. He then asks Alex where he wants to go next and is led to a pond. Ethan finds himself revisiting the memory of leaving his brother by the river to answer an phone call and returning to find his brother gone, having heard the splash in the pond. The death of his younger brother aged 8, reflects the imagined presence of his brother throughout the journey to pond.

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