The Voice

2015, 12 minutes

A chilling story about feuding friendship and whether it will fall into deeper waters by superstitious circumstances

Courtney is a student at secondary school and she has an assignment to do which requires the recording of her poem. But after realizing her tape recorder is broken, she conveniently bumps into Mr Clark and he gives her his tape recorder. It turns out Mr Clark is one of Courtney’s previous teachers and hasn't been seen in years. Meanwhile Courtney and her best friend Fran are in a rocky patch in their friendship and both girls have a vendetta against the other, and Courtney’s poem is based on this. When strange voices are heard from Courtney’s recording, both girls contemplate if she is going crazy. However it is when a mysterious Mr Clark reappears and offers to help Courtney with the recording, she is unaware he could possibly be connected to the voices, therefore putting the tension in the girls friendship at a dangerous conflict.

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