Between The Lines

2007, 35 minutes

World War Two Drama

Set after the allied invasion of Normandy, this short feature follows the story of four British soldiers from the Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry. While on patrol, a German ambush on the British section leaves them disorientated and short of supplies. They have to withdraw from enemy lines and find their way back to their company. With German patrols holding their advance, they are stuck between the lines.

Members of mandy who have been involved in Between The Lines

  • Chris Maguire · Dying Soldier
    • Between The Lines
    • Tinyworld Productions
  • Mark Gillham · Jack Curtis
    • Between the Lines
    • TinyWorld Pictures
  • Güni Koçak · Franz Schiller
    • Between The Lines
    • Tiny World Productions

Alternative Names

Between the Lines (2007), Between the Lines (2008), Between the Lines (2009)