Je Suis Son

2015, 10 minutes

A film about the loneliness of a young girl

Ellen is a 14 year-old girl who lives in a small flat with her mother, and occasionally the visit of her mum's boyfriend. Most of the time Ellen eats alone, does homework in her own and watch some T.V rubbish programmes. She lacked of attention and love. Suddenly one day after school, while she was waiting at the bus stop,she saw this lovely family; she could see how a little boy was hugged by his two parents. That day Ellen decided to miss her bus home. She followed the family to their house, and waited outside the street until the little boy went out to play with the scooter. She approached the little boy and grabbed his hand, and with the other Ellen put her index finger into his mouth to prevent the boy of shouting loud. Ellen has taken the boy for a walk. Ellen returns back home the little boy, she gives him a little push to make him go and she stays hidden behind a car in the other side of the road. The boy knocks the door of his house and his parents cuddle him desperately because he was gone for a few hours. They shut the door. Ellen returns home it's night time. She drags herself into the kitchen living room, leaves her school back on the floor, seats down on the chair, puts and over the table and END.

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