The Drone

2015, 20 minutes

Set years in the future where our every move is watched by micro-drones.

Leon is a highly qualified surveillance officer working for an undercover organisation. The work-obsessed Leon never makes an error in his judgment. However, away from his work Leon lives an isolated life, resembling the very technology his life revolves around. His monotonous, mechanic life, is engaged to change when he stumbles across the enigmatic Maya outside a gallery, who's world he begins to investigate with his drones. It is a world of intimacy and intricacy. The causality of what he discovers has the potential to either enrich his life, or destroy his career. Telling the story through the minds-eye of Leon allows us to highlight not only the potential reality of our future, the effect of increased (drone) surveillance and it's effects on human spirit, but also a personal journey of change, of having ones ideas and principles challenged and shaken, and of learning to be accepted. Trying to distill the many complex elements involved in creating this story has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences, and we are so excited to shape this story together over the multifaceted media of film.

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