Gin & It

Gin & It

2008, 59 minutes

A Burlesque club in post-war London bring the lives of eight people inexplicably entiwined.

In the heart of London a Burlesque club called the ‘Gin and It…!’ is thriving during post war Britain. People come from miles around to relax and enjoy the sensual and seedy offerings of the club. Amongst the glamour of the Burlesque girls, velvet curtains, satin sheets and feather boas, the heart of the club beats to the lives and loves of its dancers and customers. At the very heart of this are the lives and loves of eight people who become inexplicably entwined. Shot on HDV. Edited in Final Cut Pro. Directed by EDGAR DUBROVSKIY Edited by NATASHA WESTLAKE

Connected mandy members:

Lawrence Stubbings
Eddy Valentino
Dean Garnham
Dean Garnham

Alternative Names

Gin n It