2015, 90 minutes

In 1972, a British born mercenary plots to assassinate a group of Portuguese political tyrants whilst on a visit to London.

In 1972, at a time when most African nations are independent, all except the Portuguese colonies, namely Guinea Bissau. Mona is a British born mercenary recruited by Amilcar Cabral‟s PAIGC guerrillas. They are soon captured by the Portuguese army who sexually mistreat and torture Mona. Being British, she is soon repatriated to the UK where she aims to try and forget the atrocities she witnessed and attempts to reconnect with her father and estranged husband after years fighting for socialist revolutionaries. Mona soon realises that building bridges will be difficult indeed, especially when Amilcar Cabral personally asks her to complete one last assignment for the soon to be independent nation. She reluctantly obliges and finds herself drawn into a web of revenge for the things she‟s experienced against the men that perpetrated the violence against her and other women.

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