The Sea Shall Have Them

The Sea Shall Have Them

2009, 30 minutes

Schoolboy Goes Back in Time to The Reign of Elizabeth I

Based on a short story by the best-selling novellist, Anne Perry, 'The Sea Shall Have Them' tells the story of Davey, a modern day schoolboy failing Tudor history at school, who finds himself magically transported to the time of Elizabeth I and the Spanish Armada. There he meets a cast of characters including Harry the quick-witted serving boy who tells him of the impending war, the maid Kate who takes care of him and calms his fears, Diego the Spanish spy, and Queen Elizabeth herself. After Davey has successfully foiled a plot against the queen and helped to defeat the Armanda, Davey finds himself back in the present day, and able to pass his history with flying colours.

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The Sea Shall Have Them

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