Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey

2010, 30 minutes

You think you have seen the true horror of drug use. Think again

Two young women (Natasha and Sasha) become involved and exploited by a violent drug-dealer named Craig. Sasha ran away from home and her mother, Helen, is still anxiously searching for her. After they have a confrontation with Craig in which Craig is shot and wounded by Natasha the two girls find them selves out on the street, running and scared. They turn to a 'good samaritan' named Murien who gives them shelter and vows to help them get off the drugs. It soon becomes apparent that Murien's motives aren't what they seem. Murien's own son, Darren, died of a drug overdose administered to him by Murien, and she is imprisoning and punishing addicts and dealers to pacify her guilt. Soon, Sasha and Natasha are locked in rooms and abused and kept high on a hallucinogenic drug. Sasha has acid thrown in her face and is disfigured. When Craig tracks them down and threatens Murien, he is knocked unconscious and Sasha is forced to give him an overdose. Natasha goes mad in a room with terrifying visions of the dead son brought on by the drug and inflicts fatal injuries upon her self. Sasha manages to get the gun from Murien and shoot her dead through the heart. Sasha leaves the house and returns home to her mother who is shocked and rejects her disfigured daughter. Trailer:

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