Unlucky Day

2015, 10 minutes

This project is a Graduation film project for an MA film course

The film is about Michael, a cab driver in his mid 50s/early 60s whose wife is hospitalised and who doesn’t have a good relationship with his gay son. As he wakes up on the day of his wedding anniversary, he tries really hard to stop himself from thinking about how much he misses his wife and son. All he wants is to have a normal day. The only things is that he cannot go through today as if it was a normal day because is also Friday the 13th. And so the film follows him and the journey he takes that day only to discover how he really feels. From superstitions, to a radio show constantly reminding him in the car what day it is, to the strange encounters he has with the passengers in his cab, Michael will find a way of expressing himself and of feeling like he has a family again.

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