The Chariot

2015, 110 minutes

The legend of Ben-Hur In Ancient Rome

Chariot is a feature film shooting in Portugal and in North Wales in August and September. Here is a brief synopsis: Judah Ben-Hur, the Jewish Prince/former slave and gladiator/adopted Roman who became a legend in the arena, now retired after using his remaining wealth to build the Catacombs of Calixto, lives a simple hermetic life in the Province of Lusitania far from the strife and turmoil of Rome. There he tends to his horses and meditates reflecting on his wife and family who died from a plague that swept Rome after they built the catacombs. Judah Ben-Hur is forced to pick up the reigns once again when the local Roman Commander devises a plan to capture concubines for Emperor Nero from the local populace. It is up to Ben-Hur and a young vigilante to stop the Romans and once again become a symbol for the people

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