Face Value

Face Value

2009, 12 minutes

The perils of looking younger

Face Value is a satire based on Joey's obsession with his appearance and his frown lines, much to the annoyance of his flat mate Toby and girl friend Sarah. This film is set against a backdrop where due to the lack of anonymity, sperm donors can no longer be found and it is reported that a secret organization is selling babies to childless couples for as much as £20,000 each. Also, in a society becoming even more image conscious, there has been a sharp increase in the rejuvenations industry, leading to unregulated, cowboy operatives. Toby meanwhile, thinks he has found a way to tackle Joey's increasing debt with an ad in the local paper offering £500 for a medical skin-care trial. Eager, Joey jumps at the chance to smooth out both his wrinkles and his debt and Toby also seeing an easy money making opportunity volunteers to down the elixir and apply the face cream. Unknowingly they have just become part of a baby laundering scam where by they are destined to become the goods and learn the true perils of looking younger.

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