The Substance Of Things Hoped For

2006, 93 minutes

Spiritual drama about a young woman diagnosed with a rare form of schizophrenia: Her dilemma: She may simply avert the disease that would eventually make her go insane by taking a drug, but that same drug will abort the unborn child with her.

After the death of her closest two friends, young Daphne Lessing suffers a loss of faith, then a lapse in memory. Confronted with a diagnosis of schizophrenia and a pregnancy she neither planned nor is able to explain, Daphne is forced into a terrible choice: lose her child or lose her mind. The Substance of Things Hoped For traces Daphnes desperate search for the past she cannot recall, the father she never had, and the child she may never know. Layered, haunting, raw and challenging: Substance is a story audiences will talk about and talk about again.

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Substance Of Things Hoped For, the