Love Is All You Need?

2016, 121 minutes

"Romeo & Juliet" set in an alternative world.

We live in a world where loving a person of the same sex is considered a mortal sin, and is a very controversial topic right now in the US and across the world. Imagine if the tables were turned - imagine a place where the mere act of supporting heterosexual rights could get you fired from your job and ostracized from your community, or even fall victim to horrendous acts of bullying. “Love Is All You Need?” the feature, is based on the award winning short film of the same name that became an international viral sensation. This never before seen adaptation, explores bullying and prejudice through the lens of a reverse world where society is dictated by conservative Christian values, and the community revels in wholesome family based activities – a society exactly like our own – but with one small twist: to be heterosexual is to be shunned and ridiculed because it means you are different. In this world, to be gay is right and being straight is wrong. Set in an all “American” college town where football takes the spotlight, citizens are floored after learning that their star quarterback is involved in a scandalous “hetero” love affair forcing them to deal with the issue of “heterosexuality” and its effects on youth and the town as a whole. How would YOU live if you couldn’t love?

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  • Colin ORourke · 2nd 2nd AD
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  • Cody Wasson · Additional Editor
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  • Brian Hawlk · Location Sound Mixer, Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer
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