I Wouldn't Wish the Eighties on Anyone!

2014, 1924 minutes

She should have worn protection!

The film tells the macabre story of Victor, a troubled young man with a terrible secret he needs to get off his chest. His only confidant? A sex crazed Psychiatrist who will stop at nothing to ‘bed’ him. Set in the Eighties, when the AIDS epidemic was at the forefront of everyone’s minds, ‘I Wouldn’t Wish the Eighties on Anyone!’ is a deliciously queer mix of comedy, drama and horror. So back comb your hair, break out the 8-track tapes and prepare yourselves...Victor has something he needs to tell you (cue sinister laugh).

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    Dimension: 780 x 439
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  • Andrew Kevin Fawn · Casting Director
    • I Wouldn't Wish The Eighties On Anyone!
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