2017, 91 minutes

An adult victim of childhood sexual abuse confronts the horrors of his past.

Romans the feature is inspired by Romans 12:20 the short. It follows conflicted demolition worker Malky, who’s one aim in life seems to be to knock things down, especially old churches. His life is ‘manageable’ (he takes him mum shopping, has a casual on/off relationship with a girl from the pub, and he makes a living wage) if a little fragile. His world is thrown into disarray by the appearance of an old shadow; a priest that sexually abused him when he was a boy. He desperately wants to talk to his mum about it, but she is old and fragile and he can’t bear to lay his angst at her door, he even contemplates killing the priest. He is lost and alone. Until a mysterious preacher appears in his life and challenges him to face not only the demons of his past, but his problems in the present moment. This is a film about the metaphysical power of forgiveness, and how – when murderous revenge seems the only option, another more powerful alternative presents itself.

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