2015, 10 minutes

A wedding where every guest has a secret or problem

Roger has just got married to his third wife, Ruth. However, this marriage was more of a financial security than an act of love and this becomes apparent throughout the piece after a threat from his secretary and as his ex-wife crashes the wedding and in an drunken act reveals his secrets. She also came to haunt Roger's son, Trevor, who was bullied for many years by her and is consequently very insecure, socially awkward and prone to nervous breakdowns. By the end of the film Trevor is befriended by Chloe who was impressed with his brave verbal attack on the ex-wife after she insulted Roger but more importantly Trevor's dead mother (Roger's first wife). Chloe is one of two daughters of a single mum who is obsessed with a man who she went on only three dates with and she gets herself in a right state by the end and it is up to her older daughter Anna, to comfort her.

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Millie Stead
Millie Stead
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