I am Ruthie Segal, Hear Me Roar!

2009, 10 minutes

Today is the day Ruthie becomes a women and she's going to shake things up a bit.

Today is Ruthie’s big day. She knows just what she wants and so far, today isn’t it. She’s had enough of her brother’s goading, her mother’s attention to all the wrong things and her bitchy so-called friends. If today is the day for her to become a woman then she’s going to have to shake things up a bit, or these people will be deciding all the important things forever. A glimpse of the kind of bat mitzva you would have if you actually chose it for yourself – if you were a 12-year old devotee of 60’s musicals Written and Produced by The Knish Collective (Judy Batalion, Claire Berliner, Mekella Broomberg, Rachel Mars)

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