Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

2015, 131 minutes

Another mission impossible adventure

IMF agent Ethan Hunt is looking for a group of rogue agents known as the Syndicate. When Ethan foils one of their operations, they capture him. Ethan escapes because one of them, a woman, helped him. Ethan then contacts Brandt but Brandt tells him that IMF has been shut down. So Ethan goes out and tries to find them on his own. Months later Brandt and Benji are working at the CIA under the man who shut down IMF, Hunley. Benji gets a trip to Vienna and when he goes he meets Ethan. They attend an opera wherein the Chancellor attends. Ethan sees that someone is about to shoot the Chancellor but he stops him but he sees the woman who helped him there too and with a gun too but she helps Ethan. The Chancellor is evacuated but when he gets in his car it explodes. The woman who says he name is Ilsa tells Ethan who the leader of the syndicate is and Ethan lets her go. Ethan then goes to try and find him. Hunley upon learning if what happened in Vienna and thinking Ethan is involved tells Brandt to get him.

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Shaun Newnham
Rachel Handshaw
Drone Tech
Rajesh Kalhan
Tarrick Benham
CIA Agent Nicols
Jennifer Brenner
CIA Agent
Anna-Marie Sullivan
Adviser/ Opera Staff
Amra Mallassi
Power Plant Guard
Emilio Aniba
Emilio Aniba
Plant security agent
Bern Collaco
Bern Collaco
CIA Agent
Sal Bolton
Sal Bolton
Train Commuter
Katie Pattinson
Bruce Lawrence
Prime Minister's Bodyguard
Sharon Forbes
Walles Hamonde
Joseph Quartson
James Bruce
James Bruce
Mission: impossible 5
Eva-Marie Becker
Nina (Lighting Technician)
Yash Ozbaris
Yash Ozbaris
Male Cafe part
Shawn McCrory
Auction bidder
Lindy Hennessy
Ball guest

Alternative Names

Mission Impossible - Taurus, Mission Impossible 5- Rogue Nation, Mission Impossible 5: Rouge Nation, Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation, Mission: Impossible, Mission: Impossible 5, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (English, Swedish, German)