2016, 13 minutes

Solomon battles to reclaim his little sister from the greasy glutonous grasp of their father.

"Sty" follows 19 year old Solomon and explores the battles he faces with his alcoholic father, Stewart, and the insidious manner in which his controlling, volatile action ruminate into Solomon’s world around him and the people that inhibit it. Solomon finds solace in his relationship with his vulnerable 10 year old sister Rosaline, providing moments of calm amongst the cacophony of sin, which extends from his house hold to his work place as a cleaner in a strip club. The stronghold of the relationship between Solomon and his sister is constantly under destructive threat as Rosaline is caught in a Stockholm syndrome of infatuation with her father. The passive and pensive, yet caring Solomon’s life objective is to protect his younger sister from the oily, glutinous and spiteful grip of their father, who destroyed their mother.


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