Tell Tale Signs

2016, 20 minutes

Encounter between two strangers

ell Tale Signs is a short drama about a 23 year old young man, Rhys Taylor, who has a very passive relationship with his mother. The story begins at the end, while at night, he goes to a tattoo parlour. Just as the tattooist penetrates his skin with the needle, the story goes back to earlier that morning. Rhys is on his way to work on his first day on the job and he has a panic attack, not even he’s so sure why. Disoriented and lost, he encounters a stranger, Claire, who offers to help him; through meeting her and spending the day with her, Rhys learns to take control of his life and of himself and this encounter changes both of them, for better or for worse, as we follow the events that lead him to get his first tattoo. This is a story about self-realisation, friendship, abuse and the flaws of human nature.

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