Fatal Elegance

2016, 12 minutes

A Female serial killer.

Carrie Salder, writer and columnist, at the top of her game and well recognised within her profession. On the outside, sweet, beautiful, intelligent and sophisticated, but inside she's deadly. Her intentions are dark and violent. Carrie uses her beauty to lure high class businessmen to her apartment for an evening of female entertainment. First she drugs them, then slits their throats, disposing of their bodies by cooking up a tasty meat dish, ready to serve to her next unfortunate victim. But Carrie has not always been evil. Like most children she was born a blank canvas. The reason her thoughts and spirit became so distorted was witnessing her own mother entertaining men. She was a prostitute, a single mother with no option but to work from home, leaving Carrie to bare witness. Now grown up, Carrie has developed a very detached hatred for men. Repulsed by the very essence of a man, she sees her actions as a sport, a simple past time, enjoying every moment. She's a female serial killer in the truest of forms, but even the utmost intelligent of women, like Carrie, can get complacent...

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