Crazy For True

2016, 20 minutes

Original thriller in the film noir style

Crazy For True is a psychological drama set in Britain, 1949. The main story follows Marianne Howard, 29, who is struggling with the loss of her parents, who were murdered by her estranged brother, Lesley. Now, living on her own, she feels as though can finally begin to get her life back on track. That is until a strange man follows her home. At first, she believes her mind is playing games, but as time passes items go missing from her apartment and the stranger continues to follow her. Marianne becomes convinced that her brother is back, only this time to kill her. However, with no evidence to back up her claims, the police dismiss her case as a paranoid, young woman who is allowing her insecurities and fears about her past to take over her life. It is only when she becomes a victim of an attempted murder that all of Marianne's fears come true. With the help of an unlikely friendship with DCI Ernest Hunter, together they uncover the dark truth about her assailant and the death of her parents.

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Andrew Lamb
Andrew Lamb
Storyboard Artist
Storyboard Artist
Caroline Warhurst
Marianne Howard
Timothy Charles Miller
Simon Bolton-Gabrielsen
Chief Inspector Ernest