Siren Call

2015, 15 minutes

A man grapples with commitment to his fiance when he recieves a series of phone calls from an unknown seductress.

Nathan, who despite his recent engagement to his girlfriend of two years, Elle, still feels the pull and temptation of other women. This temptation manifests itself in a new form when Lana, a sultry and sexual unknown caller, begins with her surreptitious calls. She brings up old, and guilt-ridden memories, causing Nathan to only further question his commitment to Elle. Lana is nearly omnipresent and omniscient, as she phones Nathan first at home, before doing the same while he is out to brunch with Elle, and later even calling at his work. As Nathan wades through this nightmarish reality, he stumbles across more and more beautiful women, leaving him with more questions than answers regarding his true feelings about his nature and future with Elle.

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Tommy Schutz
Tommy Schutz
Production Assistant