Streetdance The Movie

Streetdance The Movie

2009, 100 minutes

3D Streetdance film

StreetDance will be the UK’s first street dance movie and also the first UK full-length feature to be shot in 3D. The film tells the story of a group of street dancers rehearsing for the StreetDance Championships. When they lose their rehearsal spac...e and are forced to team up with a group of ballet dancers, the dancers are challenged to succeed in a whole new world. With some of the best dancers in Europe, StreetDance is a fun, uplifting, celebration of UK dance.

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Alternative Names

2D Street Dance, Street Dance, Street Dance 3D, Street Dance Movie, Street Dancing 3D, StreetDance (Teen Screen), Streetdance 2D, Streetdance 3D - The Movie, StreetDance 3D (2010), Streetdance the movie 3D, StreetDance: The Moves