Pots and Pans

2016, 12 minutes

A young man seeks redemption after three years in prison

ROB wants a fresh start. Once a young man full of promise, he has spent the past three years in prison paying for a crime he committed. Now a broken but wisened man, Rob aches to fulfill the promise of his youth and begin again. Yet how easy is it to go back home? What if your own family rejects you? What if your old friends cast you off? What if you no longer fit in in the world you left behind? There are people with scores to settle and Rob will have to face his demons. With nowhere to go and nowhere to turn to Rob wonders the streets of his old urban playground trying to gather the strength to fight back, find his inner light and forgo the judgments of others. It is not always easy, yet Rob eventually finds hope in the most homely of places. He begins to find redemption through the forgiveness of his mother. The absence of words of between them speaks more than sentences ever could. There is a glimmer of hope, of a second chance, of a new beginning. Rob may just be alright.

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