False Men

2016, 10 minutes

A modern day adaptation of Othello

In a South London Estate, gang leader Othello has just beaten his girlfriend Desdemona to death fuelled by a jealous rage. This incident draws the attention of Emilia, a local junkie and Desdemona's best friend who's panicked plea for help gets the attention of the rest of Othello's gang crew. As the reasons behind Othello's destructive action takes shape, things begin to fall into place when an enraged Emilia exposes her own boyfriend Iago, who also happens to be Othello's best mate as the manipulative culprit, who has skillfully been playing people against each other for his own selfish gain. Once Othello realises the painful reality of that he has killed his girlfriend based on false accusations planted by Iago, his most trusted right hand man. All hell break loose on the estate.

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