The Sea Monster's Funeral

2016, 20 minutes

A film about loss, companionship, parenthood and a sea monster.

The Sea Monsters Funeral is short film set in Scarborough, UK. The story follows phone sex worker Deloris Double D, who is currently being paid to accompany single mourning father, Murray, on his quest to find and slay the sea monster he believes killed his daughter. The film takes place over a two-day pilgrimage to the seaside in another one of Murray’s attempts to kill this imaginary creature that has been manifesting from his daughters drawing of a monster. The unorthodox couple comes to a breaking point when Murray reveals he can no longer sustain the continuous monthly payments to Deloris. She is in a state of inner turmoil; does she stay loyal to her delusional employer or will she seek out work and funds elsewhere? Are they better off living in this fictional world where the sea monster exists, or is it finally time for them to face their reality?

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