2016, 5 minutes

Two young people try to make sense of the dystopian world they've woken up to.

Everyday Eve wakes up with little recollection of what day it is. Reason being that it turns out that she is the only person left in the world and everyone she knows seems to have vanished without a trace, as well as any other human or living creature. Until she one day while aimlessly roaming the empty streets of London comes across Calloway, a young drifter struggling with the same puzzle. Once both their guards are lowered they realise that they're both in the same torturous situation where every 12 hours they wake up with a big brother-monitor voice explaining to them that they both have 12 hours to unlock and accomplish a mission before their time is up when they die and get reset again. To make things even more distressing, they've had watches attached to them as timers, counting down every minute from 12 hours to the very last second.

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