Gato Van Pardo

2016, 13 minutes

Gato is a young man who stays in a deserted and decayed estate, called Pardo, for an undetermined amount of time. In Pardo, Gato destroys and creates, collects and discards...realizes and reinvents.

Gato Van Pardo is an allegory of a person’s journey to self-realization and reinvention. A series of images, scenes and sequences unravel the story of Gato Van Pardo. Who is Gato? Why is he in Pardo and what is he doing there? What is Pardo? Who owns this estate? Those questions won’t be answered here. I don’t want to restrict the viewer to my narration but i’d rather invite the audience to discover their own personal interpretion of the story and its possible representations and meanings. In Gato Van Pardo i am giving the ‘foundation’ and ‘building materials’ to the viewers so they can create their own main structure of the story.

Members of mandy who have been involved in Gato Van Pardo

  • Hara Kli · Writer, Director, Editor
    • Gato Van Pardo
    • Hara Kli