Rise of the footsoldier 3

2017, 99 minutes

British gangster thriller set in a pub in 1980 in London

The story follows the ups and downs in the life of a group of gangsters in Southeast London in the 1980s

Companies involved in this production

Connected mandy members:

Thomas Eros
Thomas Eros
Patron of a Pub in London SE
Jack Peagam
Jack Peagam
Focus Puller
1st AC (Dailies)
Alice Alexander
Bar girl
Darren Tassell
Prison Inmate
Theresa Lamb
Theresa Lamb
Jack Brydon
Jack Brydon
Teenager Pikey
Chris O'Reilly
Gypsy Fighter
Dante Olaseni
Yardie Hitman
Valentina Lia
Thomas Henman
Thomas Henman
Production Assistant
Locations Assistant
Gabriel Foster Prior
Dywayne Thomas
Customer in Pub
Christian Di Sciullo
Prison inmate
Karl Kennedy-Williams
Hazel Wright
Hazel Wright
Post Production Co-ordinator
VFX Coordinator

Alternative Names

Rise of The Footsoldier 3: The Pat Tate Story