2017, 4 minutes

Donald (role), is in hospital with his wife visiting their son who has been killed in an accident. Taken from an episode of Casualty TV Series.

The night of the accident Donal and Jenny went on a dinner date. The relationship between Donald and Jenny is tense and at times awkward. They still don’t exactly know how to act around each other, are still hesitant to show affection. However, they are working on their rocky marriage, which is why they were out that evening. Paul, currently sixteen, stayed with his grandmother. He was supposed to stay home, but after getting a text from his girlfriend decided to go meet her. He took his motorcycle, which he got only 5 month ago, despite the approaching storm. His grandmother failed in convincing him to stay and Paul left promising to drive safely. By the time Paul dropped his girlfriend off at her house the storm had already started. With the rain pouring down he had a hard time seeing ahead. Paul tried to overtake a car, not noticing the one approaching from the opposite direction. Once he saw the car he swerved right, back into his lane, however the wet road made him lose control of the motorcycle and Paul crashed. The force of the collision flung him even further, his body hitting the pavement with a crushing power. The drivers who witnessed the accident called the ambulance. Once Paul was in the hospital, Donald received a call. Jenny and he immediately went there, Donald didn’t even stop to talk to the doctor before going in to see his son. Jenny stayed behind to find out their son’s condition.

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