Gun's, Thum's and Movie Massala

2005, 25 minutes

Life is a movie!

We are all influenced by the films we watch though not perhaps so much as the characters found in this short. First there is Z, the fish'n'chips loving, 'man in black' Asian guy who makes a dubious living selling, stealing and selling again the same battered old VCR. His customers include Q, Irish girl with a sideline in drug smuggling and a penchant for Bollywood movies, music and clothes, and who sets out for revenge when she discovers her new VCR is stolen again. Running literally riot through the film is a couch potato who has finally doned his 80s adidas tracksuit a la superman. Influenced by the action movies he's fed himself with, he decides to wreck havoc on women, children and the old. Then there is Mod, the black guy with a taste for Kung Fu films and nunchukas, and Football Italia, the final buyer of the VCR and instrumental in the dramatic and hilarious climax of the film.

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Guns,Thums & Movie Massala