Tent Pegs

2016, 10 minutes

James and Izzy go on a couples camping trip to fix their relationship only to be interrupted by a strange man who seems to be far too familiar for comfort

FULL SYNOPSIS; James and Izzy, a couple who can't stop arguing, have decided to go on a couples holiday to reconnect and hopefully stop bickering, choosing to camp together in the woods to "get away from it all". As the familiar arguments continue through the camp set up a strange man arrives and invites himself into their holiday. James, seeing an opportunity to put a buffer in between him and the fractious Izzy offers this odd individual some food and water but does not expect him to get quite as comfortable as he does. Izzy calls a halt to the proceedings and dismisses the little impromptu gathering by dragging the reluctant James off for a walk together, and no doubt for a bit of lecture. We see Izzy and James some time later, having finally made some emotional progress together, returning to camp only to be greeting with the sight of the Stranger still comfortably ensconced in their camp. Tensions begin rise dramatically. Izzy unnerved and angry, James frustrated and feeling like he's caught between a rock and a hard place are only further put out by the Stranger's jovial banter. Things come to a head when Izzy mistakes James tripping on a tree root for the Stranger attacking him and in a violent release of all her pent up feelings caves in the poor Stranger's head in with a log. As we leave James and Izzy standing over the body of the Stranger the shocking turn of events morph back into the old arguments and we are left wondering what on earth the couple are going to do to solve their crescendo-ing problems. This project was inspire by docu-dramas, found footage and comedy shows like The Office giving it a realistic, fly on the wall feeling. A lot of the scenes were improvised in order to give the staccato and truthful feel of the characters dealing with a failing relationship and extraordinary circumstances they were presented with.

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